TM Hair Solutions for Women with Hair Loss

The majority of women who come to TM Hair are experiencing genetic, hormonal or thyroid related hair loss. We also provide solutions to women who experience other forms of hair loss including alopecia, chemotherapy hair loss, and damaged hair. All … Read More

Keratin, Argan Oil

Keratin, Argan Oil, Collagen, & Vegetable Protein: What Can They Do for Your Hair? Have you been suffering from dry, damaged, or over-processed hair? If so, you may want to continue reading. Below are some of the best ingredients you … Read More


Meet our Technician- Nicole Davis Nicole has been with our company for 18 years! She is an extremely valuable member of our team and within the past few years has taken on the role of our service manager. She has … Read More

Mens Hair Loss Solutions in Houston, TX

Get Your Hairline Back – Even if Surgery Isn’t an Option Surgery isn’t the only option to restore a hairline. Men can restore receding hairlines and cover any thin or bald areas with natural looking results that are non-invasive, pain-free … Read More

Longer, Thicker Hair for Women in Houston

TM Hair offers solutions for women experiencing thin, fine hair or lacking volume and length. During a complimentary consultation we will discuss all thin hair or hair loss solutions including our Great Lengths Human Hair extensions.   The Most Natural … Read More

Solutions to Hair Loss Caused by Chemotherapy

The Most Natural Looking Solution Available in Houston Chemotherapy is a common cause of women’s hair loss, and probably the most emotionally complicated. Unfortunately we see many women who lose their hair from chemo since our location is right down … Read More

Hair Systems for Men

A majority of men who walk through our door are experiencing genetic hair loss and want instant, full coverage. Often when we think of hair restoration we think of a hair transplant. What options are available for men who are … Read More

TMHair Solutions for Women with Hair Loss

The majority of women who come to TM Hair are experiencing genetic, hormonal or thyroid related hair loss. We also provide solutions to women who experience other forms of hair loss including alopecia, chemotherapy hair loss, and damaged hair. All … Read More

Alopecia Solutions for Men and Women

Restore Confidence with Instant Coverage and Natural Results. TMHair offers customized solutions for men and women who have all types of Alopecia. These solutions range from laser hair therapy for clients with Androgenetic Alopecia (genetic hair loss) and Alopecia Areata … Read More

Female Hair Loss Solutions For Thin Hair

Female Hair Restoration in Texas TM Hair offers female non-surgical hair loss solutions in Texas. During our complimentary consultation we discuss thin hair solutions including hair extensions and laser therapy. Women come to TM Hair with shedding, thinning hair and … Read More

What I Learn in the Consultation Room

Lessons I learn in the consultation room… I love being the lead consultant here. I get to meet so many different types of people; all ages, men, women and even some children, all from different backgrounds. I’ve also studied under … Read More

Hair Raising Facts

Percentage of men who have noticeable hair loss: 35 MILLION – NUMBER OF U.S. MEN EXPERIENCING HAIR LOSS   110,000 – AVERAGE NUMBER OF HAIR FOLLICLES ON THE SCALP   100-150 – AVERAGE NUMBER OF HAIRS LOST DAILY     … Read More

Myth Vs Fact: How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

Does washing my hair cause more hair loss???   I see many ladies who come in for consultations that are experiencing excessive shedding or genetic hair loss and I always have to ask, “how often do you shampoo?” Nine times … Read More

Genetic Hair Loss in Females

Understanding the How and Why Typically the first sign of female genetic hair loss is the widening of the hair part on the top of the head, also known as the “Christmas tree effect.” For women this usually occurs on the … Read More

Vitamin D and Hair Loss

Why is my hair falling out? The primary cause of hair loss for most men AND women is typically genetics. Even if your mother and father both had a full head of hair, that gene could still be pop up, … Read More

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In Case You Missed It…

Check out our news story from last week on ABC Channel 13 news!  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Liebe, a breast cancer patient, told her story about her journey and the hair loss she experienced while going through chemotherapy. … Read More

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at our shoot today with Rebecca Spera and ABC Houston! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we want to raise awareness about our custom, human hair systems for patients that have any kind of hair loss … Read More

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We offer a solution to chemotherapy patients with hair loss that is different than your typical synthetic wig… Our solution is custom made with human hair which allows us to re-create any hair style prior to the hair loss. If you … Read More

Showcase Saturday- Erin

Meet our Technician- Erin Pontbriand  Erin has been in the industry for over 3 years and will be celebrating her one year anniversary with TMHAIR in November. Erin is the definition of a ‘team player’ and is always willing to … Read More

One Place Where No Woman Wants to be Thin

Thin isn’t in when it comes to hair. Most women want their hair to look fuller and thicker- especially women experiencing hair loss. That’s why they look for solutions to thinning, brittle or aging hair, or hair that’s been affected … Read More

Showcase Saturday- Martha

Meet our Technician- Martha Gomez  It’s safe to say that Martha gives the best men’s haircuts at TMHAIR. She is very precise and pays extra attention to details when blending and giving fades.  Her clients are very loyal to her, … Read More

Scalp Problems and Hair Loss

What Are Scalp Problems? Scalp problem remedies have been a large part of our market since we started using laser hair therapy to treat hair loss. Why? Because in order to have a healthy head of HAIR, you have to … Read More

Showcase Saturday- Maria

Meet our ventist – Maria Aguilar!  In case you are wondering what a ‘ventist’ is, Maria custom tailors and repairs human-hair systems. Maria is able to fill in any thin area on the base of the system by sewing individual … Read More

Transformation Tuesday…

Here’s a before and after of one of our female clients wearing a custom, non-surgical human hair system!  

The Evolution of The Hair System

“Nothing like your grandfather’s toupee”   Non-surgical hair replacement or hair pieces have been around for hundreds of years. Our first president, George Washington, even wore a wig! Eventually the white powder wigs faded out, and it wasn’t until the 1950’s … Read More

Let’s Talk Prevention…

Hair Loss — Can You Prevent It? Have you noticed your father’s bald spot in the back and ever wondered if the same thing was going to happen to you when you got older? Or maybe your grandmother’s super fine … Read More

12 Hair Loss Fixes

Keep Your Mane in Prime Condition!  If you’ve noticed your hair isn’t feeling as thick and soft as usual, or maybe you’re shedding more strands than normal, it may be time to pay attention to some simple things that can … Read More


I had to share this testimonial from a new client of ours, Gaby. She started laser treatment back in December with our FDA cleared take-home device, and she is so excited about the results thus far. She was also kind … Read More

Top 40 Hair Loss Blogs

We were honored to be included on this list…   This is the most comprehensive list of Top 40 Hair Loss Blogs on the internet. Lots of good information on here!       For more information on the causes and solutions … Read More

Here is how it’s done…

Watch as Tom Magliaro himself reveals his secret to his good looks and great hair!     Call to schedule your complimentary consultation today! 713-838-1880  

In case you missed it…

In case you missed our special story on Eden Green and her experience at my clinic, here’s the link to the ABC news story below…   Here’s a photo of Eden and I the day she got her new … Read More

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Cont.,

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER… Know the Risks Some risk factors, like a person’s age or race, can’t be changed. Others are linked to cancer-causing factors in the environment. Still others are related to personal behaviors, such as smoking, drinking, and diet. … Read More

A Message From Tom Magliaro…

A Message from the Owner, Tom Magliaro Nothing lasts forever! Not the Houston summers! Not the struggles we endure! And not the hair on your head! We can’t always control all of these phenomena — and yet in Houston we … Read More

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month Cont.

In honor of National Hair Loss Awareness Month,  I’m going to share some chapters from my e-Book, “Hair Loss: Causes and Solutions”  to educate the consumer with facts, as well as cover some basic information when it comes to hair loss. … Read More

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month

In honor of National Hair Loss Awareness Month,  I’m going to share some chapters from my e-Book, “Hair Loss: Causes and Solutions”  to educate the consumer with facts, as well as cover some basic information when it comes to hair loss. … Read More

ACell-PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy

Here’s some information on one of the most recently developed treatment options now available for people with thinning hair…   ACell + PRP In 2012 Dr. McGrath began consulting with hair restoration surgeons across the country that were studying the effect … Read More

5 Foods for Longer and Healthier Hair

We have all heard this before – beauty starts from within. What we put into our body radiates into how we feel on the outside. Healthy food, regular exercise, kind words are all contributors to how we feel every day. … Read More

Salt Water and How it Effects Your Hair

Ocean water has high salt content, it is osmotic, so it leaches water out of your hair. The result? Dry, parched and brittle locks. After a day at the beach, strands become dull, tangled, rough feeling and can be hard to comb or … Read More

The Approach to Healthy Summer Hair

Here comes the sun…GET YOUR HAIR READY FOR IT! Summer is quickly approaching so we thought we would share our approach to keeping your hair gorgeous in the upcoming warmer weather! Health begins on the inside, so naturally, the number … Read More

Tips to Bigger, Sexier Hair

Here are some helpful hints to get you thicker and fuller looking hair… 1. Add Layers for Lift A cut with lots of layers will appear fuller, and if you don’t want to have layers all over, just get them … Read More

More about Non-Surgical Solutions for Women

For most women, hair is much more than a physical attribute – it’s a part of who you are. We offer women the most natural looking solutions for all types of hair loss, from site specific solutions for thinnning hair … Read More

Non-Surgical vs. Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

We’ve been talking a lot lately about our advanced surgical solutions for hair loss, but we don’t want to forget about what brought this company into fruition in the first place… non-surgical hair restoration. Our non-surgical procedure is a safe … Read More

Beard Hair Transplantation

Like we’ve mentioned before, our surgeon, Dr. Daniel McGrath, performs many state-of-the-art hair restoration procedures. Here is YET ANOTHER procedure he can provide to men who are not happy with the appearance of their facial hair…   Jeremy is 41 years old. All his adult … Read More

Lifetime Achievement Award – Tom Magliaro

Last week we had the privilege of attending an industry expo where I had the honor of receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award. Here is an excerpt from the ceremony… Tom along with his wife Randi, daughter Victoria and their loyal team … Read More

Solutions for Traction Alopecia

Traction Alopecia – Hair Transplant Solutions Traction Alopecia is a hair loss condition caused by damage to the dermal papilla and hair follicle by constant pulling or tension over a long period of time. It often occurs in persons who … Read More

Women and Hair Loss

Actual Hair Transplant Patient of Dr. McGrath View a live surgery on female patient – Monica Brandt, Fitness Icon. Information about Female Pattern Hair Loss and Surgical Solutions Dr. McGrath Can Provide… Female pattern hair loss (or genetic hair loss) … Read More

TMHair Wishes You A Happy Valentine’s Day!!

TIME TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR HAIR AGAIN!!! <3   Call us at 713-838-1880 or visit our website at to book your complimentary consultation today!  Mention promo code: “we love hair” to receive $100 off your deposit made in … Read More

About Our Surgeon, Dr. Daniel McGrath

I know we talk a lot about him, but here’s some more information on why Dr. McGrath really is the best of the best when it comes to hair transplantation… Dr. Daniel McGrath was elected one of 10 Directors worldwide to the … Read More

Eyebrow Hair Transplants – Dr. Daniel McGrath

For over a year now, we have been working with one of the best hair restoration surgeons in the entire country and we couldn’t be more pleased with our partnership. Being able to offer ALL solutions to hair loss (nonsurgical … Read More

New Year, New Hair Continued…

Here are some fun, New Year’s Hair Resolutions to give yourself if you’re looking to spice up your lock-life…           Try that new color you’ve been wanting to try– Some of us are dying for a new … Read More

New Year, New Hair…

Here are some new hair ideas to help you start feeling fresh and fabulous to start 2016… Move your part over a bit. You don’t need to change to the other side completely, but sometimes moving it left or right by … Read More

Tips to Make Your Hair Look Thicker….

Keep It Clean The squeakier-clean fine hair is, the better (and bigger) it will look. Like your facial skin, scalp tissue holds a lot of bacteria, and when combined with oil, it can weigh down the hair and over time … Read More

How to Protect Against Winter Hair Loss

The cold weather is officially here… and if you have thinning hair, it is very important to take extra steps to protect it during the colder months. Here are 7 tips to protect against winter hair loss: Keep your hair trimmed- the … Read More

Hairstyles for the Holiday Season

5 New Haircuts to Try For Winter Textured Fringe The Look: An evolution of last season’s short-shag – you’ve grown some length and have more to play with, so try some loose waves and add chunky, brow-skimming bangs for an instant update.   … Read More

Cold Weather and Hair Loss: Myth vs. Fact

Myth: Cold Temperatures Increase Hair Loss Despite what you might have heard, a drop in temperatures does not mean an increase in hair loss. The cold weather doesn’t have any effect on the amount of hair on your head. If … Read More

Ditch Junk Food For #NoCrudNovember

Stop cancer before it starts! Ditch 1 junk food–1 crud–for 30 days. Take the pledge at #‎BeyondtheBeard Check out this video: This month we want to show our support for prostate cancer awareness by promoting the Blue Cure Foundation. … Read More

TMHair Wishes You A…

Happy and Hairy Halloween!                 For more information on hair loss or to schedule a complimentary hair and scalp diagnosis, visit our website at

Breast Cancer Prevention: FACT vs. MYTH

Myths…   Breast Cancer Myth Finding a lump in your breast means you have breast cancer. Truth Only a small percentage of breast lumps turn out to be cancer.  But if you discover a persistent lump in your breast or … Read More

What are the Risk Factors for Breast Cancer?

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER… Know the Risks Some risk factors, like a person’s age or race, can’t be changed. Others are linked to cancer-causing factors in the environment. Still others are related to personal behaviors, such as smoking, drinking, and diet. … Read More


Don’t forget to add these tips to your hair care regime this fall… 1. Go Warmer in Color Typically hair is lighter in the summer months and slightly darker during the cold months, which means your dyed tresses could probably use a … Read More

5 Ways To Repair Post-Summer Damage

Pool-Party Hair Gone Bad Chlorine is known for leaving hair dry and dull. A swim cap can help significantly in protecting your hair from chlorine, but let’s face it, most of us aren’t willing to go to that length-at least … Read More

20 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Your Hair

If you think you know all there is to know about hair; think again! After 40+ years in the hair restoration industry even I didn’t know some of these weird and fun facts! These 20 weird hair facts may just blow your mind, or … Read More

Natural Tips for Healthier Hair

National hair loss awareness month is almost over but before it is I wanted to share with you a few tips for healthier, more beautiful hair!    Brush your hair thoroughly at night There’s a reason for the old wives tale to … Read More

August Is National Hair Loss Awareness Month!

National Hair Loss Awareness Month was established by the American Academy of Dermatology to raise awareness about the treatable condition that affects millions of men and women in America. In honor of this nationally recognized month, I thought I would share some information … Read More

Way Back Wednesday!

Wow…how time flies!! Check out this article in the Houston Chronicle from 1993 featuring our company!!     I am so fortunate to be able to look back at articles like this and see how far we have come and … Read More

Supporting Eden

Meet Eden-a 10 year old patient at Texas Children’s Hospital who has recently been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has completed her first cycle of treatments. We were so excited to help Eden and show our support by … Read More

Solutions For Traction Alopecia

Traction Alopecia is a hair loss condition caused by damage to the dermal papilla and hair follicle by constant pulling or tension over a long period of time. It often occurs in persons who wear tight braids, especially “cornrows” that … Read More

Annual Wigs For Kids Day

Saturday July 25th Wigs for Kids is a private non profit organization that provides hair replacement systems to children under the age of 18 who have lost their hair as a result of medical treatments, health conditions, or burn accidents. … Read More

New Website!

We are excited to announce that we now offer safe and effective non-surgical and surgical solutions! TMHair is the leading expert in all proven hair loss solutions.   Check out our new and improved website at to find a solution for you and … Read More

TMHair Thanks Methodist Sugar Land Cancer Center

TMHair wants to thank Houston Methodist Sugar Land hospital for the amazing tour of their cancer center. The tour featured their new radiation therapy system; a machine which integrates some of the most advanced technologies available for cancer treatment today. We are … Read More

Surgical Solutions-Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation surgery has improved in leaps and bounds over the past decade. The days of the “plugs and corn rows” are gone and the age of single hair-, micro-, and mini- grafting has arrived. Candidates for hair transplant surgery … Read More

Surgical Solutions For Hair Loss

Hair Loss affects men and women, from teenage years to senior citizens. Hair restoration surgery is an operation that takes hair from the back of the head and moves it to the area of hair loss. The fringe (back and … Read More

New York Post Article

The New York Post published an article on Monday June 8, 2015 on the significant increase in teens and hair loss and what they are doing for help. To view the article click here: New York Post         … Read More

National Cancer Survivor Month

In America, 14 million people are survivors of cancer, but the burden of the disease carries on after the final treatment is administered. Issues facing cancer survivors include the physical effects of treatment, the emotional scars that remain and the … Read More

10 Surprising Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss-whether baldness or noticeably thinning hair — can occur for a number of different reasons. Sometimes hair loss is a side effect of a health problem that needs to be addressed and will remedy itself when the health problem … Read More

You Are Not Alone

Like many successful entrepreneurs, I began my business as the result of a personal quest. A victim of hair loss myself, compassion for my clients comes naturally to me. My own hair began to thin and recede when I was only 21 and in … Read More

Easy Tips to Protect Your Hair From the Summer Sun

We talk about this every time the seasons change – because when the seasons change the health of our hair can change too. Over exposure to the sun’s UV rays is one of the most harmful effects of the hot and humid summer months. Here are … Read More

Why We Love What We Do

  We were so excited to give little Jenna a new head of hair! She looks so beautiful and couldn’t be happier! To see Jenna’s story or to find out how you can help, visit     Chemotherapy and Medical Hair Loss You might … Read More

Happy Earth Day from TMHair

Healthy Hair Makes The World Go Round….              Natural Tips For Healthier Hair   Brush your hair thoroughly at night There’s a reason for the old wives tale to brush your hair 100 times a … Read More

Tips For Wet Hair

Natural Hydrogen Bonds in Hair Did you know? A single strand of hair can support a load of about 100 grams without breaking. Believe it or not- hair is surprisingly strong because of the natural hydrogen bonds in hair. However, … Read More

Happy April Fool’s Day!

    Hair loss is no joke… We at TMHair know hair loss is not a laughing matter. If hair loss effects you or someone you know, take control of the situation and explore your options. There ARE solutions available! However finding the … Read More

Great Lengths Client Testimonial

This week I wanted to share a testimony from one of our long term clients who wears our Great Lengths hair extensions… “After many years of struggling with short, thin, lifeless hair I became frustrated. As a licensed cosmetologist, I … Read More

iGrow Before And After Videos! Very Impressive!

  Watch the videos below to see the gradual progression on how laser hair therapy REALLY works!!                   For more information on laser hair therapy and to find out if you are a candidate go to … Read More

Tips For Healthier Hair This Spring

As the seasons change from dry and cold in the winter to warm and moist during the spring – our hair changes with the climate. Knowing the right way to take care of and treat your hair can help you … Read More

Solution For Damaged Hair Caused By Extensions

Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) – Restores Health Back To Hair It’s the most recent beauty trend – women all over the country and even a-list celebrities are using human hair extensions as a quick-fix  to give them long, luscious … Read More

Secrets for Healthy, Shiny Hair

What does healthy hair look like? People like to see shiny hair with bounce and movement. If your hair is dull and lackluster, it doesn’t look as inviting. Misconceptions about what damages hair and what keeps it healthy: Many people … Read More

Why Am I Losing My Hair?

The causes of hair loss for both men and women vary. It’s crucial to understand what’s causing your hair loss so you can make an informed decision about the best treatment for you. Some of these causes only lead to … Read More

iGrow Featured On “The Doctors”

Don’t miss the upcoming episode of The Doctor’s this Thursday, February 5th on CBS. The iGrow will be featured on this episode and there is a huge surprise appearance. You will hear about one woman’s experience using the iGrow and … Read More

Five Foods for Your Hair

Include these foods in your diet to maintain a healthy head of hair… Eggs: Rich in biotin, a B vitamin essential for hair growth and overall scalp health, eggs are great for hair. Include these protein-rich foods in your diet … Read More

Give the Gift of Confidence This Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Hair I have always believed there is a relationship between “looking good” and “feeling good”… especially when it comes to our hair. I don’t believe this is a vain or self-centered opinion; I believe it is a simple human … Read More

Client Testimonial – TMHair Experience

I wanted to share a testimony from a client who has been with us for the past couple of years… He started out as a laser client, then transitioned into a human-hair system. Check out Frankie’s story below… “At the age … Read More

Myths VS Facts On Dandruff and Hair Loss

If you have an itchy scalp or you’ve spotted those flakes in your hair, do some research before going to grab the nearest dandruff shampoo… It’s important to know what causes dandruff and the facts about the condition, or any other scalp … Read More

Tips for Healthy Hair This Winter Season

The winter months are upon us and it’s important to protect your hair from the damage that the winter weather can cause. Here are some tips to help protect and keep your hair healthy this winter season… One very simple tip … Read More

Breast Cancer Awarenes Month Cont.

Medical Hair Loss Options – Covered By Insurance From family members and close friends to neighbors and acquaintances -everyone knows someone whose life has been touched by cancer. After a diagnosis, the lists of necessities that require financial attention are endless. … Read More

KPRC Channel 2 News Story – Laser Therapy Helps Stop Hair Loss

KPRC-Channel 2 news anchor Rachel McNeill came to the office last month to shoot a story on our new laser program. The story aired on Monday, Oct. 13th during the morning news – check out the segment below… video platformvideo … Read More

Medical Hair Loss – Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness month is not only about spreading awareness, it’s about spreading knowledge on the options available for patients who experience side effects of the disease. Total hair loss is a possible side effect of chemotherapy – a common … Read More

38-Year-Old, Mother of Five Gets New Head Of Hair

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual, national campaign to increase awareness of the disease. As a cancer survivor myself, I wanted to do something special for a breast cancer patient … Read More

Laser Therapy Testimonial

This week I thought I would share a testimonial from one of our laser clients…. “I first noticed my hairline starting to recede when I was about 21 years old, soon after that I gradually watched my hair get thinner … Read More

Houston Chronicle Features Tom Magliaro

I was so very flattered when the Houston Chronicle called me up and asked if they could interview me for a feature in the section of the paper called – “Faces in the Crowd.” Each week someone is profiled who makes a … Read More

Things You Need to Know When Shampooing

I’ve said before that hair is in the most fragile state when it’s WET. Here’s a few do’s and don’ts to remember when washing…. – DON’T  USE HOT, STEAMING WATER – Use a medium/warm water temperature. If it burns when you step in … Read More

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month – cont.

Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair The 3rd Step In Our Laser Therapy 3-Step Program: Pharmaceutical Grade Products Our Mediceutical product line are proven pharmaceutical formulations that are clinically tested and FDA approved for treating and controlling a broad spectrum of common … Read More

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month

National Hair Loss Awareness Month was established by the American Academy of Dermatology to raise awareness about the treatable condition that affects millions of men and women in America. In honor of this nationally recognized month, I thought I would share the latest technology available … Read More

Houston’s Hair Analysis Experts

Get to the ROOT of the problem… Most people know it’s normal to lose between 50-100 hairs a day… but what happens when your shedding exceeds these numbers and your hair loss becomes more consistent? Men begin to see bald spots … Read More

Is Your Ponytail Too Tight?

Do you find yourself constantly pulling your hair back in a tight bun or ponytail? Do you wear tight braids or extensions? Over time, these styles damage the hair follicles; this is a condition known as traction alopecia. One tight … Read More

Connection Between Vitamin D and Hair Loss

Vitamin D is a vital nutrient for human health and plays roles in bone health and the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other conditions. When deficient, vitamin D can contribute to a number of health issues; among these is … Read More

8 Tips for Healthy Hair

8 Tips to Minimize Hair Loss and Maximize Healthy Shine 1. Regular cleansing of hair and scalp with a sulfate-free shampoo, washes away toxins, dirt, dust and sebum that can block follicles and normal hair growth, without drying or stripping … Read More

Alopecia Areata Testimonial

My clinic in Houston, Texas has been helping alopecia sufferers since 1971.  Often we receive notes of thanks and praise.  I just wanted to share one of these notes. I came in today for a consultation because I have Alopecia … Read More

Laser Hair Therapy for Healthier Hair

Did you know Low Level Laser Hair Therapy is not limited to just patients with hair loss?  Laser therapy is also recommended to treat damaged hair and promote thicker, healthier, shinier, more manageable hair. Laser therapy is used as a … Read More

NFL Player Testimonial – Laser Hair Therapy

Ryan Pontbriand – Cleveland Browns Ryan Pontbriand was the long snapper for the Cleveland Browns for 9 years.  He retired officially in 2013.  Ryan has also been using Laser Hair Therapy for about five years.  He used both the hooded … Read More

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Clinical Study

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Clinical Study From: A Basic Science Investigation Designed to Elucidate the Mechanism of Action, at the Cellular Level, for Red Laser Light Therapy and Hair Growth Title The physiological effects of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) … Read More

Medical & Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Unfortunately, another cause of hair loss is cancer.  More specifically, the treatment of cancer with chemotherapy and radiation.  My heart goes out to those suffering from the effects of the complications of cancer and I’ve dedicated a great deal of … Read More

Propecia Side Effects

Finasteride, or more commonly know as Propecia is one the most well known remedies for hair loss. Thousands of men take the oral drug daily and in many cases experience hair loss restoration. The questions is – at what cost … Read More

Optimal Hair Care

Most of us wish “bad hair days” didn’t exist. Having a full head of healthy hair is often associated with beauty and youth – who doesn’t want that? Maybe you aren’t dealing with a specific kind of hair loss, but … Read More

Women’s Hair Loss may be a thing of the past

Watch this ground breaking video from The Doctors TV Show No More Synthetic Wigs Many women think their only options to hair loss are heavy, uncomfortable synthetic wigs. The truth is there are many solutions for female pattern hair loss, … Read More

Causes of Hairloss

Some excerpts from my eBook:  Hair Loss Causes and Solutions Some Facts About Hair Loss:  35 million men and 21 million women experience hair loss in the United States alone. By the age of 50, approximately 85% of men have … Read More

Can I really get my hair back?

Can I really get my hair back? – One of the first questions I hear during a new consultation. My answer? YES!!! Thanks to many of the new technologies available, actual natural hair restoration is available that will reverse your … Read More

Are You Experiencing Hair Loss? You Are Not Alone

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror and feeling dissatisfied with the appearance or condition of your hair? Is it becoming thin throughout? Do you have patches of baldness? Can you see through to your crown? Have you searched … Read More