A majority of men who walk through our door are experiencing genetic hair loss and want instant, full coverage. Often when we think of hair restoration we think of a hair transplant. What options are available for men who are not candidates for a hair transplant or previously had a transplant and still thinning? TM Hair offers a variety of solutions for men who are thinning or bald including our most popular service, hair systems.


Non-surgical Hair Restoration

You have options to add more coverage and density to your hair with natural results. TM Hair provides customized hair system options to men who want thick hair. Our team of dedicated stylists will personalize your hair system to color match your existing hair and style to your preference giving you undetectable results.

Benefits of a Hair System

  • Confidence Boost
  • Natural looking results
  • Thick hair & instant coverage
  • Results lasting for weeks
  • Restore Hairline
  • Natural to touch
Hair systems are great for men who are not a candidate for transplants as well as those who continued to look thin after a hair transplant. Learn about our hair systems process using the highest quality hair.

Men’s Hair System for Hair Loss

Thinning Hair After Hair Transplant

A hair transplant does not stop hair loss. It is common for men to continue to experience thinning hair and hair loss after a hair transplant. This often leads men to looking for alternative options to add coverage and density. Hair systems provide exactly that, coverage and density with natural looking results. If you are thinning or unsatisfied with the density after a hair transplant, TM Hair will discuss your goals and ideal look to help you transform from balding to a full head of hair.

Hair Systems for Men in Houston

If you are experiencing the male pattern hair loss and looking for a hair systems for men in Houston, please contact our office.
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