What is Laser Therapy?

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Stop hair loss and stimulate new growth with laser hair therapy treatments. Low level laser hair therapy is a non-invasive therapy that distributes “cold” laser light to the scalp. These lasers produce light that is high in energy, so no radiation or dangerous light is emitted while under therapy. The laser uses “cold” or “soft” light to increase blood flow and circulation. The process is one of “bio-stimulation,” and is completely safe with zero negative side-effects.
  • Facts about Laser Therapy
  • FDA 501K Cleared
  • Non-invasive& Drug Free
  • Stimulate Hair into Growth Cycle
  • Available for Men & Women
  • Uses Medical Grade Lasers (No LED or OTC)

Low-level light therapy (LLLT) has been clinically proven to stop hair loss and may lead to new hair growth. As there are advancements in technology, hair loss therapy treatments have been developed that can be done at home. The quality of the product and the manufacturer’s dedication varies by manufacturer. At TM Hair, offer US-manufactured laser therapy take-home devices. Since the devices are easier to use, there is an increased likelihood of compliance with the treatment plan devised with your TM Hair expert, leading to better results.

How Does Laser Therapy Help with Hair Loss?

Hormone related hair loss (genetic hair loss in men and women) and other types of hair loss cause the hair follicle to produce thinner hair shafts. Why — because of a hormone called DHT. DHT will attack the follicle by choking it out. As a result, the blood supply to the follicle is decreased – eventually causing the hair follicle to atrophy (unable to produce new growth).
During laser treatment, cells in the follicle absorb the low level light and become more active, this is known as photo-bio-stimulation. It’s like giving your cells vitamins for a healthy metabolism. By increasing the blood flow, cells then begin to repair themselves, jump-starting the growth process that leads to thicker, fuller, healthier hair.


FDA Clearance

Our FDA cleared take-home devices are used for treating hair loss and combines LLLT, portability, and convenience. Light is transmitted using a hermetically sealed dome found within baseball caps or other hats. Notably, LLLT is one of the few hair loss treatments available that has been cleared for men and women suffering from pattern baldness by the FDA.

The clearance includes a 510(k) for hair regrowth promotion in adults suffering from androgenic alopecia. The device has Ludwig Savin classification I-II, Norwood Hamilton classifications of IIa-V, and Fitzpatrick Classification of skin phototypes I-IV. The devices have been clinically proven to be effective. Out of a clinical study with active participants, over 95% showed an increase in hair count within 17 weeks, representing 51% more hair.

Device Features

The take-home devices can be used at home or while moving due to flexibility and comfort. Typically the treatment time is 25-30 minutes, 2-4 times per week. These diodes aim to maximally cover the affected area with each session.

The more powerful devices use long-lasting and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, which makes it possible for you to go about your day even as you treat your hair loss. In fact, laser hair therapy is noted for helping to prevent hair loss, get healthier-looking hair, and promote hair regrowth.

The features of each take-home device:
  • Flexible design, mobile, and hands-free
  • 1560mW output from anywhere between 40-272 medical grade laser diodes
  • Auto-programmed treatment
  • Standard manufacture warranty

Laser Hair Therapy Benefits

The other benefits of low-level laser light therapy:
  • Potential hair loss reversal
  • Safe and effective heredity hair loss treatment
  • Nurtures and revitalizes damaged hair to become fuller and healthier looking
  • No reported side effects

What Will Laser Therapy Do?

Stop & Stabilize Hair Loss

As quick as 90 days

Increase Hair Density

Thicken each individual strand of hair by 35-45%

Reduce Scalp Visibility

Thicken each individual strand of hair by 35-45%

Stimulates Follicle

Thicken each individual strand of hair by 35-45%

Laser Therapy Treatment Protocol at TMHair

Treatments are done 2-3 times a week; between 12-30 minutes per session depending on the laser device.

Clients can come into the center and use our in-clinic machine (link to 3-step treatment program) or they can purchase an FDA Cleared take-home device and conveniently do the treatments at home. (link to take home device page).

All laser therapy programs include 4 month evaluations or follow-up visits for up to a year where your progress is documented. The client will come in to take photos and have another scalp analysis to compare and re-group with a hair loss consultant.

What to Expect in Hair Loss Treatment

Using the Laser Therapy Take-Home Devices

Your hair loss treatment will involve wearing one of the take-home devices between 25-30 minutes, every other day for maximum results. Since it’s easy to use, you’ll find it easier to comply with the treatment plan to achieve maximum results, whether you’re a man or a woman. If treatment is commenced early enough, the laser device may reduce further hair loss and lead to hair regrowth.

Potential Hair Restoration Timeline

When you begin your treatment, you won’t notice results immediately. This is because it takes time to restore follicle health and for hair growth. Here are more things that will occur depending on where you are in hair loss treatment:

  • Up to 3 months. You may or may not notice that there is more hair being shed. Don’t worry because it is a sign that treatment is working. This increase in shedding indicates that older hairs are being pushed out for new hair to grow. You may experience some scalp itchiness because of the contractions of the arrector pili muscles.
  • Between 3 and 6 months. You’ll begin noticing that there is less hair loss. This means that it’s not shedding as much, but you may not see significant change. Your greatest benefit may be the prevention of further hair loss. Where you’ve noticed thinning, you may notice more fullness.
  • 1Year. This is when you’ll be able to tell if treatment has been effective.
  • 2+ Years. This is when you’ll see the most impactful results. You will need to continue treatment to maintain your hair.

Candidates for Hair Loss Treatment

Frequently, women make the best LLLT candidates. While men benefit from LLLT, only 85% see hair loss reduction. This type of therapy restores life to dying hairs known as vellus hairs through increasing follicle blood flow, leading to increased energy. The hair shaft will become thicker and stronger as health is restored, making it increasingly possible for them to resist permanent hair loss. LLLT does not work for those with smooth skin baldness because no vellus hairs or follicles are present.

Every case is unique, so we will work with you to customize a laser treatment program that will fit your individual hair needs as well as fit best with your budget, schedule and lifestyle.

Because laser therapy involves follicle stimulation, a laser patient must have an analysis done to determine if they are a viable candidate. At TM Hair, we include a hair and scalp diagnosis during your free consultation so we can prescribe the best treatment program for you.

Laser therapy
Laser therapy

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