Surgical Hair Transplants for Hair Loss

The hairs on the sides and the back of your head are not affected by genetic hair loss. As a result a hair transplant surgeon can remove donor hair follicles from the sides and back and relocate them on the top of the scalp where hair loss has occurred and the newly transplanted hair will grow as it had from the donor region.

Benefits of Hair Transplant

  • Fine/ light natural looking hair line in front (using 1-strand follicles)
  • Increase density and coverage to larger areas by customizing grafts and using 1-3 strand follicles
  • Receive the maximum amount of hair with the minimum amount of skin
  • Completely natural look
  • Undetectable scar
  • Typically can guarantee graft survival (once hairs are transplanted, they will stay and regrow indefinitely)

FUE and FUT – Hair Transplant Solutions for Hair Loss

Steps in the Transplant Process:

  • Design and draft the hairline with your surgeon
  • Donor area is prepared and the donor strip (tissue) is removed.
  • Area where donor strip was removed sutured together with a plastic surgery closure — see ‘Undetectable Scar’ information below.
  • From the donor strip, naturally occurring Follicular Units, usually groups of 1-3 hairs, are separated under a microscope to preserve every follicle.
  • Surgeon creates the sites where the grafts will be placed. Tiny incisions are made at the hairline for the smallest 1 to 3 hair grafts. As the surgeon works back he will place gradually larger grafts containing more hair. This allows your surgeon to accomplish more density.
During the procedure, you will be awake and can chat with the doctor and the staff. Procedure time is usually between 3 to 6 hours and you may eat or drink during the procedure.

Undetectable Scar Line

The trichophytic donor closure technique is an advanced surgical technique that allows people to have a nearly undetectable linear donor scar after strip excision FUT hair transplant. Before trichophytic donor closures, or tricho closures, existed, patients were expected to have a donor scar that would range anywhere from zero to two millimeters in width. The tricho closure is an overlapping technique that allows hair to grow directly through the donor scar, resulting in the donor scar being nearly invisible.

Not all hair transplant surgeons use tricho closures; our doctor only performs them after every linear donor harvest. We know patients do not want a visible hair transplant scar, especially if their hair is short. The tricho closure technique is a great alternative to FUE or for clients who have short hair and wish to receive more hair during a single hair transplant session and at a more affordable cost at our
TM Hair location in Houston, TX.

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