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For over 45 years TM Hair has succeeded in providing all proven hair solutions with real results!

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Offering safe and effective non-surgical and surgical solutions, TMHair is the leading expert in all proven hair loss solutions.

Creator of TM Hair, Tom Magliaro and his staff of specialists are dedicated to finding not only the best solution for your specific, individual hair loss situation – but a solution that will also fit best with your lifestyle and daily routine. No matter what the cause or the type of hair loss, we have a solution. From preventative treatments to hair transplants to non-surgical hair systems – we offer it all.

About Tom Magliaro
A victim of hair loss himself at age 19, compassion for his clients comes naturally to Tom Magliaro. After several failed attempts with existing hair loss options, Tom was determined to find a solution that could restore his confidence and help others do the same.. Since he started the company in 1971, Magliaro has developed a unique company culture that permeates throughout TMHair.From the time you walk in the door, our staff will greet you with a smile and be there to consult and provide support. Hair loss has the power to effect more than your physical appearance. For some, it can affect your self-confidence and overall quality of life. We understand that will walk with you step-by-step on this journey.
Tom is also known to donate his time, products and services for children and adult patients undergoing chemotherapy in multiple hospitals at the Houston Medical Center.

“Using hair as a vehicle, we feel greatly rewarded to use our abilities to enhance the lifestyles of each and every one of our clients.” –Tom Magliaro

Marvin Zindler’s Angel

Magliaro’s talents and generosity led him to become one of the late ABC’s “Marvin Zindler’s Angels.”

Being one of Tom’s closest friends, Marvin Zindler would work closely with Tom to help those suffering from hair loss. Since they both shared a passion for helping children – Tom still frequently donates hair to young patients at Texas Children’s Hospital and other children suffering from hair loss.

Hair replacement is much more than just a job for Tom Magliaro, it is a true passion he has for helping those in need and changing their life for the better.



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