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Hair loss is a common problem that affects millions of men and women worldwide. Losing your hair can be frustrating, but several treatment options can slow or stop your hair loss and promote new hair growth. TM Hair offers various high-quality procedures to help residents in the Houston area restore the health and appearance of their hair!

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can result from a wide range of causes. Certain hair products, hairstyles, nutritional deficiencies, medications, and other health problems frequently contribute to hair loss. Aging can also be a significant factor. Once our trained specialists determine why you are losing your hair, we can provide personalized treatment recommendations. 

Typical Hair Loss Treatment Options 

Determining which type of hair loss solution is the best fit for you largely depends on the type of hair loss you are experiencing and how significant it is. Some individuals may prefer to try natural hair restoration methods first, while others see the value in working with a professional as soon as they notice that they are beginning to lose hair. 

Natural Hair Loss Solutions 

Many individuals prefer to try various natural methods to help slow, stop, or reverse hair loss before committing to more complex treatment options. You may be able to restore certain types of hair loss by improving your diet, taking vitamin supplements, trying new hair products, avoiding excessively tight hairstyles, and taking steps to manage stress and anxiety. Certain medications that help to regulate the hormones that may be causing your hair to fall out may also help you manage hair loss. 

Although some individuals can improve their hair’s health, growth, and overall appearance by using these natural treatment options, our experts at TM Hair can successfully manage all hair loss situations with expert assistance.

Suppose you find that these options do not work for you or would prefer to skip trying at-home remedies that are less likely to do what you want. In that case, TM Hair offers several hair loss treatment options that can better meet the needs of a wide range of individuals. 

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions 

Our non-surgical hair loss solutions are among our most popular options when taking more significant steps to reduce or reverse hair loss. These options often look slightly different for men and women because some types of hair loss can affect each gender unequally. Still, most options can work for either gender in some way. 

The specific non-surgical solution that will most likely work best for you depends on the type of hair loss you are experiencing and what is causing it.

Many of our patients find that our men’s and women’s hair systems provide natural-looking replacement hair with minimal inconvenience. We also offer human hair extensions and a variety of other non-surgical solutions.

Each treatment begins with a free consultation and scalp analysis to determine the cause of your hair loss and provide recommendations for the treatment option that may be the best fit for your situation. 

Surgical Hair Loss Solutions 

At TM Hair, once we determine that non-surgical options do not work as you’d like them to, we can offer surgical hair loss solutions that may be more suitable to your situation.
Hair transplants involve moving healthy, thick hair to the area that is losing hair to stimulate hair growth. This is our most popular type of hair loss surgery.

Our other surgical options include follicular unit extraction (FUE) and exosomes injectable therapy.
Individuals that choose surgical hair loss solutions find that it can take several months or longer for their new hair to grow to their desired length. 

Laser Hair Therapy  

Laser hair therapy provides a third option that may be a good fit for many individuals that may not be a good candidate for non-surgical hair loss solutions and would prefer not to consider surgery. This three-step process uses several of our products to stimulate hair growth and support your new hair’s overall health as it grows. 

Choose TM Hair for the Strongest Hair Loss Solutions in Houston 

At TM Hair, we prioritize providing as many options as possible for Houston residents and surrounding areas experiencing nearly any type of hair loss. Whatever type of hair loss you’re experiencing, our basic and comprehensive treatments can help restore your hair, improve your appearance, and boost your self-esteem.

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