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Female Hair Restoration in Texas
TM Hair offers female non-surgical hair loss solutions in Texas. During our complimentary consultation we discuss thin hair solutions including hair extensions and laser therapy.
Women come to TM Hair with shedding, thinning hair and hair loss concerns. However, a majority of women with thin hair are experiencing genetic hair loss (Female Pattern Hair Loss). We offer a variety of services to help women stop their hair loss and restore thinning hair.
Longer Thicker Hair
Thin hair can be restored to longer thicker hair using Great Length Extensions. Described by TM Hair clients as “supermodel hair,” get fuller thicker hair with the most natural looking hair extension.

Benefits of Hair Extensions
– Restores Thinning Hair
– Increase Volume & Density
– Adds Length Instantly
– Does Not Damage Real Hair
– Color and Style Like Your Own Hair

Great Length Extensions application is 2-3 hours and last up to 4 months. The service includes applying hair strand by strand and has minimal maintenance. Once applied the hair extensions are cut and blended
to give a more natural look. Learn more about our hair extensions service.
Laser Therapy For Thinning Hair
Reverse hair loss. TM Hair successfully uses laser therapy for thinning hair in women. Laser Therapy is FDA Cleared to stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. This at-home treatment is safe and effective providing results as quick as 90 days. Devices last up to 12+ years allowing you to stop further thinning and maintain healthy vibrant hair.
What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

More than half of the US female population will experience hair loss at some point in their life. There are numerous causes of hair loss in women. Genetic hair loss is the #1 cause and can be accelerated by other factors.


Reasons for Thinning Hair
– Stress
– Hormones & Hormone Replacement
– Pregnancy & Birth Control
– Menopause
– Diet Changes
– Chemotherapy
– Trichotillomania
– Alopecia
How do you know what type of hair loss you are experiencing? Schedule a complimentary consultation with a TM Hair team member.
Book your complimentary consultation today to learn more about laser therapy for hair loss and Great Length Extensions.
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