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Male Hair Loss Treatment For Receding Hairline

The most common form of hair loss in men is genetic hair loss. Referred to as male pattern baldness, men who inherit the hair loss gene (a sensitivity to DHT) will often lose hair on top and keep it in the back. Men sensitivity to DHT experience hair loss at a younger age and it begins at the hairline. As men continue to mature their hairline recedes into male pattern baldness.

Men with a receding hairline, thinning hair or have a sensitivity to DHT are candidates for a variety of TM Hair services. Male hair loss treatments include hair systems, non-surgical and surgical hair restoration solutions.
Hair Replacement Systems for Men

Instantly make your hairline thicker using a hair system. TM Hair offers customized hair systems with natural results. Men’s hair systems can match any color, density and texture.

Benefits of Hair Systems
– Restore Hairline & Thick Hair
– Natural Looking Results
– Touch and Style As Normal
– Available for Any Age
– 100% Appearance Guarantee

No more wearing baseball hats to hide your receding hairline and hair loss. Men with no hairline or have lost a majority of their hair are great candidates for hair systems. Systems use temporary adhesive and removed by a TM Hair professional.
Non-surgical Hair Restoration

Stop your receding hairline with non-surgical hair restoration. Laser therapy is FDA Cleared to stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth in areas of miniaturization (thinning hair). Laser therapy will reverse miniaturization by increasing cellular energy and nutrients to hair follicles.

Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

– Stop Hair Loss As Quick As 90 Days
– Stimulate Hair Growth
– Increase Hair Thickness
– Reduce Scalp Visibility
– No Side Effects
– Clinically Proven Method

The #1 non-surgical treatment option for men. Treatments are available at home or at TM Hair. Multiple options depending on severity of hair loss.

Hairline Transplant

Surgical solutions for hair loss typically involves a hair transplant. Thanks to revolutionary science and technology, hair transplants are often undetectable. Men interested in a hairline transplant have the option of follicular unit transplant (FUT) or follicular unit extraction FUE).

Hairline Surgery Benefits
– Restore Hairline
– Increase Hairline Thickness
– Reduce Signs of Balding
– Wash & Style As Normal
– Younger Looking Appearance

Hairline Restoration in Texas
If you are experiencing the male pattern hair loss and looking for a hair loss treatment in Texas, please contact our office. Book your complimentary consultation today to learn more about non-surgical and surgical hairline restoration treatments.

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