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Effective Solutions for Women's Hair Loss

The majority of women who come to TM Hair are experiencing genetic, hormonal or thyroid related hair loss. We also provide solutions to women who experience other forms of hair loss including alopecia, chemotherapy hair loss, and damaged hair. All of the women have the same goal – stop hair loss and restore healthy hair. AT TM Hair we offer laser therapy to stabilize hair loss and customized hair systems giving women instant coverage and restoring their confidence.
Hair Systems for Women

No matter what the cause of your hair loss is, a hair system is a great solution to add instant thickness and coverage. TM Hair offers semi permanent hair systems and permanent hair systems for women giving women the opportunity for:

Benefits of Hair Systems
  • Instant Coverage
  • More Volume & Fullness
  • Human Hair is natural to the touch
  • Colormatch & Styled for natural look
  • Styling is limitless

Semi-Permanent Hair Systems – This method of attachment uses clips instead of a bond. Clips are sewn around the system and clipped to the existing hair. This allows women to use their hair system during the day and take off at night to sleep. Great for work and functions!
Permanent Hair Systems – This method of attachment uses soft bonds. Women will exercise, sleep, and shower with their system. The system will remain intact for weeks allowing an active lifestyle!

“The goal here is to increase our client’s quality of life. We want this [hair system] to make their life better.” – Leah H. – Hair Loss Specialist

Thinning Hair Causes in Women

Many causes of hair loss in females include genetic, hormonal, thyroid etc. However there are many ways we can weaken our hair strands or cause thinning. One of the top reasons women experience damaged hair is processing, color, hot tools, and putting hair in ponytail when wet.

Damaged Hair from Styling
We have helped many female clients with damaged hair repair and restore healthy hair. Often times women with damaged hair have concerns of dry hair, brittle hair, and hair will not grow in length.

You can weaken hair shafts from extensions, trichotillomania, bleaching/chemicals etc. and not necessarily have a health related hair loss problem.

Often when a woman has damaged hair, we discuss laser therapy to restore protein and nutrients back into the hair shafts. Laser therapy will promote healthy hair regrowth, restore color, shine, and thickness back to your hair!

Alongside laser therapy we can offer a semi permanent hair system to take on and off between laser treatments.

Hair Systems for Women in Houston
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