Receding Hair line renewal

Male pattern hair loss or balding affects millions of men in America every day. Thankfully with the advancements in products, medicine, and surgery in the hair loss industry we can offer multiple proven solutions for men who want to get their hairline back!

A Solution for Everyone

Surgical FUT and FUE Hair Transplantation for Restoration – Our surgeon offers both types of hair transplantation: FUT (follicular unit transplantation or the “strip” method) and FUE (follicular unit extraction). There are benefits to both and during a free consultation, we would decide which technique is best for the induvial and their needs.

Benefits of a Hair Transplant:

  • Hair restoration surgeon on the Board of Directors for the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), the only hair restoration certification program for physicians recognized by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).
  • Customize your hairline with the doctor.
  • Guaranteed graft survival
  • Your own hair growing from your own scalp.
  • It may be a little more $$$ upfront, but the results are permanent! Financing is also available.
  • Follow up appointments to monitor hair loss included

Non-Surgical Hair Systems – At TMHair, we offer custom nonsurgical hair systems that allow us to re-create any hairline or hairstyle. No matter how “bald” or receded your hairline is, the hair systems are a great way to restore the hairline or any other balding or thinning areas. Everyone is a candidate!

Benefits of Hair System:

  • Instant coverage with completely natural hairline
  • Restore confidence by recreating any hairstyle or hairline prior to hair loss
  • Allows for an active lifestyle; do not have to change your daily activity or exercise etc.
  • Human hair that matches any color, texture or density
  • Painless, no down-time
  • 100% money back appearance guarantee and interest-free monthly payments available

Medications for Prevention and Restoration – Our surgeon has worked closely with medical colleagues and pharmacists to develop safe and more effective combination topical therapies and oral prescriptions to improve the patient’s cosmetic outcome.

Benefits of Topical and Oral Prescription Medications:

  • Easy and affordable, FDA approved
  • Allows you to keep your own existing hair and thicken up the areas that are thinning but still have hair coming from the follicle.
  • Freeze frame your hair loss – stabilizing it and preventing it from getting worse.
  • Great option for patients with diffused hair loss
  • Increased results when used in combination with preventative treatments.
  • Follow up appointments to monitor hair loss included.

Low-Level Light Therapy for Prevention and Restoration– also known as laser hair therapy; this treatment is FDA approved to stop the progression of hair loss in men and women with genetic alopecia and stimulate follicles for new growth.

Benefits of Laser Therapy:

  • Zero negative side effects, drug-free
  • Great alternative for women if they are not a candidate for prescription medication as well as patients with diffused thinning.
  • Stop the progression of hair loss, keep what you have, and thicken up the areas that are thinning but still have hair coming from the follicle.
  • Interest-free monthly payments available
  • Follow up appointments to monitor hair loss included.

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