A full head of hair makes you appear healthy, attractive, and youthful. As you age, most men experience hair loss. The American Hair Loss Association has stated that every two in three men in the United States will start losing their hair by 35 years. By 50 years, around 85 percent of men will have thinning hair.

If you notice a shiny bald spot or your hair thinning recently, you could just be one among the millions of men losing their hair with age. This should not affect your self-esteem or daily life routine. There are proven hair restoration procedures to restore your younger appearance.

A hair transplant is unnoticeable and the results look as natural as your own hair. TM Hair’s transplant surgeon is one of the best in the country (certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery) and offers both methods of transplants. TM Hair handles your hair transplant procedures at highly competitive pricing. This article will help you understand better what hair transplant procedures entail.

Hair Transplant Procedures

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure that moves hair from the back of the head to the top and fills in balding areas. The cost of the entire process depends on the hair loss extent but ranges from $4,000 to $15,000 in Houston. It is essential to look for an experienced doctor to carry out the process to ensure quality results and graft survival.

What is a Hair Transplant Procedure?

Hair transplant procedures entail outpatient surgery to reclaim your hair in balding areas on your scalp. The best candidates for hair transplants are typically people with genetic hair loss, but hair transplants can be an option for other types of hair loss as well.

How Hair Transplant Works
There are two methods of hair transplant: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). FUE is the most common, and it takes one to four hair units in a group and transplants in the target area. The doctor uses minimally invasive precision tools to ensure they remove the grafts, leaving very minimal scalp damage. FUE requires no stitches after the procedure, and leaving no noticeable scars makes the transplantation look natural.

Benefits of FUE and FUT

Benefits of FUE include:

  • Natural-looking implants
  • No scarring or stitches
  • Short recovery periods

The major benefit of FUT is a larger graft quantity is achieved which means more density is achieved. There’s also no need to shave the back of your head before the procedure.

Both techniques are outpatient surgery and can have permanent and natural results when done by a credible surgeon.

What Determines the Cost of Hair Transplants?

The cost of a hair transplant depends on the type of hair transplant you need. Other factors affecting the cost might be the color and texture of your hair, the overall condition your hair is in, and the quantity of donor hair available. For excellent results, we accept a minimum of 2,000 grafts for extensive hair loss, although, in minimal hair loss, the minimum number of grafts can be as low as 600.

The team at TM Hair in Houston is Here to Answer Your Questions

Hair transplantation can be effective for anyone looking to reclaim their hairline, although it’s not without its few caveats. The research process may be exhausting, and the procedures aren’t cheap, but the results are worthy and genuine. Settling for the best experts in Houston ensures your hair restoration process is smooth and guaranteed.

TM Hair has been in operation for over 50 years, equipping us with all the required skills. The original owner has always had a money-back guarantee, an offer that other companies lack. We are confident because our surgeon guarantees his work, ensuring that our service is the best. Contact us today for more information.

Pros of Hair Transplants at a Glance

Hair transplants may not be the best option for every individual experiencing hair loss. Still, they tend to be a strong choice for many individuals interested in improving their hair’s appearance. Here are five at-a-glance pros of choosing hair transplants over another hair loss solution!

Creates a More Natural Hairline

For many individuals, the hairline is one of the most noticeable aspects of the overall appearance of their hair. If you are experiencing a receding or otherwise uneven hairline, filling in this space with transplanted hair can be one of the simplest ways to create a neat and natural-looking hairline.

Reverses Baldness

Baldness can be a natural part of aging for some people, but it does not necessarily have to alter your appearance permanently. Although baldness may not always be able to be reversed, hair transplants tend to be a highly successful long-term solution for filling in even large amounts of lost hair for many individuals.

Simplifies Your Hair Care Routine

Struggling with uncooperative hair can make caring for it harder than it needs to be. Hair that does not lie as flat as you want it to or fill in your hairline as well as it used to can make your daily hair routine take longer than it should, and techniques that used to work well for you may no longer be as successful as they used to be. Replacing problem spots with hair transplants can make your hair easier to manage by eliminating the extra work of dealing with these inconsistencies.

Boosts Your Self-Esteem

Your hair is one of the first things many people notice about you, especially when meeting you for the first time. For this reason, it is natural to feel self-conscious about your hair or wonder if it could be costing you social or even professional opportunities if it does not look as lovely as you think it could. Hair transplants can help to ensure that your hair is not hindering you by taking its appearance up a notch.

Hair Transplant Expectations and Recovery

You will typically take pain medications, antibiotics, or anti-inflammatory medications for several days following hair transplant surgery. Under most circumstances, you should expect to take 2-5 days before returning to work following this procedure. Your new hair will also take several months to reach your desired length, although you should start to see some growth within a few months. It is also essential to be aware that your transplanted hair will fall out shortly after the procedure, usually approximately 2-3 weeks later. This is normal, making it possible for new hair to grow more successfully.

Hair Transplant FAQs

Hair transplants can be an excellent option for many people looking to improve their hair’s appearance, but having a thorough understanding of the procedure before committing is a must. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about what to expect when getting and paying for hair transplants!

What Is the Success Rate of Hair Transplants?

Although every patient is different, hair transplants tend to be successful for the vast majority of people. This straightforward procedure typically results in the successful growth of transplanted hair over time. However, it may take several months or longer to reach your desired length if your transplanted hair does not perfectly match your natural hair. However, most people find that hair transplants adequately compensate for lost hair to create a more attractive appearance.

Are Hair Transplants Painful?

Like any surgery, recovering from receiving hair transplants can be painful at times. However, it is typically not an excessively uncomfortable procedure, and any pain you do experience is often easy to manage with medications. Once the skin of your scalp recovers, having transplanted hair is generally not painful.

Does Insurance Cover Hair Transplants?

Because hair transplant surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure, insurance companies generally do not cover it. Insurance companies typically only cover procedures that they deem to be medically necessary. Although improving your appearance can have some mental health benefits, this does not fit most health insurance providers’ definitions. If you cannot pay for the entire cost of a hair transplant out of pocket, other options are available, including a monthly payment plan.

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