Being diagnosed with cancer introduces new challenges to your life in a wide range of ways, and losing your hair to chemotherapy is just one source of frustration you are likely to experience during this time. Your hair may not ultimately be as important as regaining your health, but we understand the importance of the role it plays in boosting your confidence and self-esteem. Our custom hair systems and other hair loss solutions can help you look and feel more like yourself sooner than you might expect if you waited for your hair to grow back naturally. 

Here are some of the most important things to know about why chemotherapy often leads to hair loss, why TM Hair’s custom hair system can be a helpful solution for managing hair loss related to chemotherapy, and other steps you can take to make the effects of chemotherapy on your hair less frustrating. 

Understanding Chemotherapy Hair Loss 

Although certain modern forms of chemotherapy may not always lead to hair loss, many cancer patients will begin to lose their hair within approximately 2 to 3 weeks of starting treatment. Even if you do not completely lose your hair, you will likely notice differences in its texture, appearance, and growth speed. 

Chemotherapy’s high strength is an essential quality in its ability to kill cancer cells that do not respond well to weaker medications, but this drug is not very good at discerning between various types of cells. Rather than only targeting cancer cells, chemotherapy often damages and destroys other types of cells, such as those that are found in your hair follicles. This damage often results in hair loss, which typically worsens steadily for approximately two months after starting treatment. While it is possible only to lose the hair on your head, losing all the hair on your body is more common. 


Preparing for Hair Loss From Chemotherapy

Taking steps to consider the physical and mental impact of hair loss before starting chemotherapy can help you gain a higher level of control over your situation. Considering what steps you may be able to take to reduce the likelihood of severe hair loss or improve your appearance sooner after losing your hair is an important step in understanding the options that may be available to you, especially before starting treatment and doing any damage to your hair.

In some situations, scalp cooling can be an effective option for reducing the effects of chemotherapy on your hair. This treatment involves using a cold cap or refrigerated cooling system to keep your head cold during treatment, which can reduce the amount of medication that reaches and damages your hair follicles.

Considering the hair loss treatment options that may be available to you before you start chemotherapy, such as TM Hair’s custom hair systems, can also give you a higher level of control over your full treatment plan by giving you the ability to make decisions about how you want to manage your hair loss before you need to. Our hair systems provide one of the most convenient and natural-looking options for filling in lost hair and reducing its impact on your appearance.

You can also get in touch with a stylist that is skilled at finding ways to cut and style your hair to temporarily reduce the effects of chemotherapy. Choose a wig maker that is capable of creating something that comes close to your natural hair or allows you to try a completely different color and style you love, and take as much time as you need to consider the long-term picture of your situation and remind yourself that your hair is ultimately aesthetic. You are still you, regardless of how it temporarily looks.

Benefits of TM Hair’s Custom Hair System

TM Hair’s custom hair systems provide a natural-looking solution for managing hair loss that is related to chemotherapy or other medical conditions. This option is an effective choice for recreating the color, length, and style of your natural hair as closely as possible once you have started to lose it, and our hair systems can be adjusted over time to meet the changing needs of moving from minor to more significant hair loss and giving your hair the space it needs to grow back in with minimal changes to your appearance. Our hair systems are made with only human hair, which makes them one of the most lightweight and natural-looking options available, and they are at least partially covered by many insurance programs.

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