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Chemotherapy is a common cause of women’s hair loss, and probably the most emotionally complicated. Unfortunately we see many women who lose their hair from chemo since our location is right down the street from the Houston medical center. TMHair offers custom, human hair “systems” for women experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy. These hair systems give total coverage and allow us to re-create any hairstyle prior to hair loss.

What To Expect During Treatment
natural ways to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy

Discuss with your doctor about hair loss and other side effects of treatment before the treatment begins. The best way to deal with impending hair loss is to plan ahead.

Whether you choose to conceal your hair loss is a personal choice – but it’s easier to plan for it now rather than later. The “planning” is where we come in…
At TMHair, you will meet with a hair loss specialist and be given all the information at a free consultation. You will also meet with a personal hair stylist and go over your custom order and all the details of your existing hair style, or anything new you may want to try.
Once the hair arrives, we offer a 100% appearance, money-back guarantee.

Benefits of Custom Hair System
  • Recreate any hairstyle prior to hair loss.
  • Made with 100% human hair so it looks and feels completely natural.
  • Treat and style like own natural hair, looks like it’s growing from your scalp.
  • Can be worn overnight or in the water
  • Insurance coverage may apply
What about when my natural hair starts to grow back?
The hair system is versatile and designed to still be worn after treatment is completed and the patient’s natural hair starts to grow back. We make modifications to the system so that when the patients’hair does grow back they can continue wearing the system and make the change gradual.

Hair Systems for Women in Houston
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