Non-Surgical Hair Restoration for Men in Houston, TX

The most common form of hair loss in men is genetic hair loss. Referred to as male pattern baldness, men who inherit the hair loss gene (a sensitivity to DHT) will often lose hair on top and keep it in the back.
Men sensitive to DHT experience hair loss at a younger age and it typically begins at the hairline.
As men continue to mature their hairline recedes into male pattern baldness.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems For Men

If you are looking for a solution to your hair loss, TMHair of Houston,TX has it
  • Restore hair line with a natural look and get instant and total coverage
  • Restore confidence with re-creating any hair style prior to hair loss
  • Custom made per individual. Match any color, density and texture
  • Creates a life-like head of hair that you touch and style as normal
  • Allows for active lifestyle. Client does not have to change daily activity or exercise etc.
  • Painless, no surgery, no down-time, no medication.
  • 100% appearance, money back guarantee
So natural you can run your fingers through it

Hair Grafting

This non-surgical procedure uses a site specific method of hair integration allowing us to re-create any hair style. Individually made per unique hair loss situation, the hair “grafts” or “systems” can match any color, density and even texture; ensuring a life-like, virtually undetectable addition to your lifestyle that will allow you to live each day as you normally would –without having to worry about your hair.


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