You Are Not Alone

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Like many successful entrepreneurs, I began my business as the result of a personal quest. A victim of hair loss myself, compassion for my clients comes naturally to me. My own hair began to thin and recede when I was only 21 and in college; the situation began to worsen during my first year as an elementary school teacher and continued to progress after. Destined for extremely premature balding, I experimented and explored all available enhancement avenues, including a hair transplant at age 23 and a number of unacceptable toupees. It was these unsuccessful attempts at restoring my own hair which ultimately led to the creation of my company.


Today, Tom Magliaro’s is a recipient for the “National Salon of the Year” award; the company services an average of 55 clients daily, from college students to school teachers to many Houston notables, each person dealing with their own hair loss story.


Hair replacement is much more than just a job for me, it is a true passion I have for helping those in need and changing their life for the better. 






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