Women’s Hair Loss may be a thing of the past

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No More Synthetic Wigs
Many women think their only options to hair loss are heavy, uncomfortable synthetic wigs. The truth is there are many solutions for female pattern hair loss, and all other types hair thinning and balding.

Your Hair is Important
Hair is a large component of beauty, so for women suffering from thinning hair, the nervous glances and raised eyebrows of others are especially disconcerting.   State of the art methods such a Laser Hair Therapy, allow you grow back your own hair in a healthy drug free manner.  Laser Therapy is a much better alternative to the “Peach Fuzz” which can be generated by Rogaine or other remedies that could not be considered cosmetically acceptable since they neither add volume to hair nor cover exposed scalp.

The key is to take action now.
The longer you wait and the more your hair thins, the more difficult it will be to regain your full head of hair.  If you are in the Houston area, please contact my salon as soon as possible and come in for a free assessment to determine the state of your hair.  You can call us at 713-838-1880 or fill out our online consultation form at: http://tmhairadditions.com/confidential-consulation.html  You will given a full range of options depending on severity.  If you are not in the Houston area, or would simply like more information on why you are losing your hair and possible options to remedy the problem, download my e-Book at https://tmhair.com/e-book .  This is a very concise Hair Loss 101 designed to help you make the best decisions concerning your hair loss.  Either way – don’t wait!