Genetic Hair Loss: “I wish I would’ve done something sooner.”

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One thing I hear in most of my consultations is “I wish I would have taken action sooner” when it comes to hair loss. So when should you start exploring your options? The short answer, AS SOON AS YOU SEE ANY SIGNS! Whether it’s the receding of a hairline, the crown thinning in the back, or a more thin look overall (i.e. you can see more scalp throughout the top); the sooner you start exploring your options and start a preventative treatment, the more likely you will be able to regrow your hair and stop the progression of further hair loss.

I have heard that when people start NOTICING their hair loss they have actually lost double the amount that is visible to the naked eye. I don’t know if there is any medical truth or facts that can back that up, but what I do know is if you have lost 20% of your hair over the last 5 years, it’s safe to assume that you will more than likely lose another 20% over the next five years. This is why we always talk PREVENTION!

Good News and Bad News:

Good News: If you do have GENETIC hair loss, there ARE treatments, medications, and other solutions that will work for you! There are a LOT more options available for people with male or female pattern hair loss that weren’t available 15-20+ years ago!

Bad News: If you do have GENETIC hair loss, male or female, unfortunately that gene is never going to go away so it will probably be an inevitable battle at one point or another  you will have to face. Since we don’t know what mother nature has in store for every individual, the best treatment options will be different for every individual.


What does all this mean? 

Let’s say a young 21-year-old male comes in who is severely thinning and his hairline has been receding over the last year; we wouldn’t recommend a surgical transplant for him just yet, even if he demanded that was what he wanted! It’s not really possible to correctly design the frontal hairline until his hair loss pattern is defined…. meaning how far the hair loss will come down on the sides and crown area as well as how bad his hairline will get.

So what would we recommend for this young guy? In most cases, we would recommend either Low Level Laser Therapy or discuss the prescription medication, Finasteride; and combine either treatment with 5% minoxidil. Our goal would be to arrest the progression and prolong the inevitable for as long as possible with these treatments, and any regrowth and added volume would be an ideal bonus. Men in the early stages of hair loss, no matter the age, have the best chance of seeing positive results with consistent treatment.The earlier we start the treatment against D.H.T., the higher chance we have at stabilizing shedding, specially in men.

When you call for your free consultation, you will meet with a consultant who will give a scalp analysis and then go over the best options, surgical or non-surgical, that will give you the best results for your SPECIFIC situation.Call us today to make a consultation! Don’t wait!