Tips to Make Your Hair Look Thicker….

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Keep It Clean
The squeakier-clean fine hair is, the better (and bigger) it will look. Like your facial skin, scalp tissue holds a lot of bacteria, and when combined with oil, it can weigh down the hair and over time it can effect the overall health of your follicles.

Do a Scalp Massage
We say this all the time… you have to have a healthy scalp in order to have a healthy head of hair! This includes healthy blood circulation – which can be increased with simple, short massages. Try using a menthol or mint shampoo once a week (often thought to help stimulate circulation) and massage it into your entire scalp (sides, nape, and crown) with the pads of your fingers for two minutes, then rinse.

Being married to your flatiron or getting highlight-happy can put you on the fast track to thin hair. This can weaken and dry out your strands, leading to breakage and preventing healthy hair growth. Once a week, after shampooing, thoroughly rub a rich treatment mask into your scalp and hair, and rinse after three minutes.

Go Streaking
Highlights can give dimension, tonality and depth which creates shadows and a 3-D effect, so hair looks thicker. Have your colorist paint chunky highlights on the front of your hair that gradually get thinner toward the crown, and leave the underneath untouched for the most natural effect. Top highlights with a gloss, which adds shine and also—surprise!—imparts a nice volume boost.

Find a Happy Medium (Hue)
Blonde-aholics, take note: very light hair colors can trick the eye into thinking it’s seeing scalp, which makes hair look thinner. But ultra-dark hair doesn’t do you any favors either, because the contrast makes even the tiniest glimpse of scalp more noticeable. The best shade is usually a light to medium brown, which will make hair look denser without drawing attention to the scalp.

Start Snipping
A simple trim can also buy you some bounce. Fine hair is easily weighed down, so for the long-haired ladies go ahead and lose a couple of inches for instant body. If your hair is thin from damage, get a blunt cut to remove broken ends and make the bottom of your hair look thicker. If allover oomph is what you’re after, add long layers (short ones can appear straggly).



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