Tips For Healthier Hair This Spring

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As the seasons change from dry and cold in the winter to warm and moist during the spring – our hair changes with the climate. Knowing the right way to take care of and treat your hair can help you prepare for the change of seasons – which will give you better “hair days” all year long.


Moisture Balance

One of the hardest things to conquer with hair is proper moisture. As the weather starts to warm up and the humidity in the air increases, you need less moisture and conditioner. If you deep condition once a week during the winter season, change it to every other week when it starts to warm up.

The rule of thumb with moisture = listen to your hair. If you notice static, dry ends, a lot of tangles, or if your hair feels rough to the touch you are lacking moisture and need to add a deep conditioning treatment or a moisturizing conditioner to your hair routine. If your hair and scalp are oily (with a heavy, wet look) start cutting back on the moisture. Skin types can also affect the health of your hair, and your scalp is an extension of your face. Just like you adjust your facial moisturizing regime during different seasons, you should adjust moisturizing habits for your hair and scalp as well. To find out what treatments and products you should be using for your individual hair and skin type – call our office to schedule your free consultation including a hair and scalp analysis.

Healthy Highlights and the Sun’s Effects

Balancing moisture can be a completely different issue if you highlight your hair. As the sun starts to shine more during the spring, dry ends on highlighted hair can be more severe, especially if you spend more time in the sun. Just as the sun causes your skin to age, it will also affect your hair. Although, the sun’s natural lightening doesn’t cause significant damage to your hair, over exposure to the sun’s rays can cause dryness and unwanted lightening to colored and chemically treated hair.

Protein treatments or protein based conditioners can help restore your highlighted hair’s strength. I recommend our sulfate-free, Fortified Protein Shampoo and Conditioner for daily use. The Fortified Protein Conditioner can also be used as a deep-protein, conditioning treatment when left on for 10-15 minutes – once a week.

A leave-in conditioner with a UV protectant should also always be used on highlighted hair, especially during the spring time when your hair is exposed to more sunlight. Our light and weightless Energize Leave-In Conditioner is one of my favorite and most popular products. With its UV protectant and light feel it protects and conditions your hair throughout the day.

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