The Most Effective Low Level Laser Therapy Device On The Market

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Here’s some more information on our medical grade, take-home laser device… 


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Capillus® laser caps are a new was to enjoy laser hair therapy in the comfort of your own home. This revolutionary new non-surgical treatment option stops the progression of hair loss, making it easier to achieve natural results with hair transplants and other non-surgical treatments. Women are sure to love laser hair therapy too, because it is proven to create thicker and fuller hair without the need for surgery or messy topical foams.

  • Proven to increase hair count by up to 51%.
  • Safe—Cleared by FDA for treatment of androgenetic alopecia (hair loss).
  • Effective when used in conjunction with hair transplant surgery, prescription medications, topical hair loss foams, or as an individual hair restoration method.

How does it Work?


Capillus® represents the finest in at-home LLLT hair restoration. With Capillus®, your journey toward a newer, fuller head of hair is guided by a licensed hair restoration professional who understands how to diagnose and treat your unique conditions.


There are many reasons to choose the Capillus272®.  LLLT with the Capillus272 Pro is a convenient, comfortable, and safe non-surgical hair loss treatment option for men and women.

Convenient: Treat hair loss, on your terms. The Capillus272® fits snugly under your favorite hat or ball cap, empowering you to manage your hair loss with the utmost convenience and discretion. Battery operated and ultra-portable, the Capillus272® easily travels with you on vacation, to the office, on your favorite walk, or around the house.

Comfortable: Say no to messy topical foams, recurring trips to the doctors office, and upset stomachs from early morning hair loss medications. With the Capillus272®, you can comfortably treat your hair loss while maintaining your normal lifestyle and daily routine. Low level laser diodes are cool to the touch, allowing daily treatment without discomfort.

Safe: Capillus® products are prescribed through an international network of licensed physicians. After receiving a personalized hair loss diagnosis and physician referral, your journey toward a fuller and healthier head of hair will include guidance from your physician to ensure the best possible outcome. The Capillus272 Pro has no known side-effects and has been deemed safe for use by the FDA.


For more information on the Capillus272 Pro®, visit or call 713-838-1880 to schedule your free hair loss consultation.