The Evolution of The Hair System

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“Nothing like your grandfather’s toupee”  

Non-surgical hair replacement or hair pieces have been around for hundreds of years. Our first president, George Washington, even wore a wig! Eventually the white powder wigs faded out, and it wasn’t until the 1950’s that men started “wearing” hair again. Time Magazine estimated over 2.5 million men wore hair in 1970, but back then the hair pieces looked so fake!!! Unless you were one of the handful of celebrities like John Wayne or Sean Connery, typically hair systems were very noticeable and did not look natural at all.

Over the years there have been advancements, more recently within the last 15 years the technologies used in the manufacturing have improved DRASTICALLY! Back in the day, typically all pieces were machine-made, and the base material was very thick, making them look extremely bulky and fake. They were also made with synthetic hair which typically doesn’t match the color or natural texture of real human hair. So when I hear people say “I don’t want it to look like I’m wearing a RUG on my head,” they probably have seen a bad example of our industry’s work. The GOOD work always goes unnoticed, because it is so natural looking no one can tell!

Today the technology used to create the base material offers something so thin, like a contact lens or a second layer of skin, it looks completely natural. The systems are made with real human hair and are HAND made, allowing any type of style you want. They are custom ordered to match the texture and density of the persons’ natural hair so it will blend perfectly. When we attach the thin base to a clients’ head with new medical grade adhesives (unlike the old days), the system is literally undetectable. Once it’s attached, you treat it like it is your own natural hair!

Going bald today is a decision that you don’t have to say yes to! So give us a call and let us help you do something about it…

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