Solution For Damaged Hair Caused By Extensions

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Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) – Restores Health Back To Hair

It’s the most recent beauty trend – women all over the country and even a-list celebrities are using human hair extensions as a quick-fix  to give them long, luscious locks…. The only problem: the possibility of permanent damage.

 Most hair extensions are attached by weaving, gluing or clipping to growth hair – all of these methods of attachment cause tension and added weight to the follicle. Over time, this will cause the hair to thin out, and in some cases create bald areas on the scalp where hair might not grow back. If you already have thin or fine hair – the risk is even higher. And the longer you keep the extensions attached, the worse the damage can be.

Laser Hair Therapy is a solution for women who already have thinning or damaged hair as well as women who want to prevent damage and promote growth and strength to their natural strands. Low Level Laser Light treatments will stop the progression of any damage induced to the follicle, thicken each individual strand of hair up to 35% and stimulatiGrow Display HiRese the blood supply to the scalp, increasing cell metabolism and promoting new growth. The therapeutic soft red lasers deliver light energy directly to the scalp. There are zero negative side effects, and the technology is FDA cleared.

Any hair left in the follicle, even if it’s damaged, has an 85% chance of going back to the state of health it was in prior to the damage. Whether the damage was from heat during styling, chemicals from perms, coloring and bleach, or from attaching hair extensions – laser treatments are the solution.


We offer in-house treatments at our clinic or you can purchase the only take-home laser devices that have been FDA cleared. Book your complimentary consultation which includes a scalp diagnosis to find out if you are a candidate.



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