Showcase Saturday- Maria

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Meet our ventist – Maria Aguilar!

 In case you are wondering what a ‘ventist’ is, Maria custom tailors and repairs human-hair systems. Maria is able to fill in any thin area on the base of the system by sewing individual strands of hair to the base by hand; it’s quite the task! She can also repair the base material of the systems, thin the hair out by “de-venting”, add highlights or gray percentages to different areas, sew-in clips and make other adjustments with her steady hand.

She has been tailoring systems in the hair restoration industry for 29 years and has been a part of our team at TMHAIR for 13 years. Maria has a very unique role in our company; she is one of the only ventists in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas! We are lucky to have her!

When I asked Maria why she loves what she does, she responded:

“I enjoy working with so many different clients and meeting new people. I also love all my coworkers!”