Optimal Hair Care

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Most of us wish “bad hair days” didn’t exist. Having a full head of healthy hair is often associated with beauty and youth – who doesn’t want that? Maybe you aren’t dealing with a specific kind of hair loss, but you want thicker, shinier hair with more luster and life. Or perhaps you are dealing with thinning or brittle hair that’s been damaged from years of chemical treatments and heat styling. Or maybe, you feel your hair is changing or not as healthy as it once was and you want to do something about it. Here are some tips that will help.

Use the Right Products
: Most shampoos contain sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate) for the primary purpose of creating suds, which creates a false sense of cleaner hair. That’s actually not the case; sulfate denaturizes the natural proteins and oils in your scalp and hair, thus stripping any natural oil that may be found. This is why products containing sulfate are so drying. They strip your hair and skin of natural and essential oils. Sulfate-free products are especially beneficial for people who have a dry scalp or dry hair as well as for people who color their hair. Other ingredients like paraben and alcohol should also be avoided when choosing the right hair products for you.

I endorse and recommend the Welker Rephreshed line of hair care products.  All of their products are sulfate free sodium chloride free and act as a moisturizer, aid in repair, as well as conditions and adds volume with a weightless thickening agent.


Welker Rephreshed Hair Care