One Place Where No Woman Wants to be Thin

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Thin isn’t in when it comes to hair.

Most women want their hair to look fuller and thicker- especially women experiencing hair loss. That’s why they look for solutions to thinning, brittle or aging hair, or hair that’s been affected by genetics, scalp conditions or chemical treatments.

Even the BEST hair may not be lustrous enough, thick enough or as LONG as you would like. You don’t have to be on of  the 30 million women in the U.S. that experience hair loss. There are options for you!

It starts with understanding that you are unique. Your DNA, biology, diet, scalp conditions all factor in to what your individual treatment will be.

Changes to the hair diameter and density begin when a woman reaches her mid-30’s. Some start losing their hair in their 20’s! PREVENTION is key. There are topical treatments, styling techniques, medications and other treatments and products that are helping women recapture the and confidence they may be yearning for.

All it takes is one call! Our technicians are certified and kept up to date on every solution. There is one to analyze, advise and help you.

Whether you are looking to keep the hair you have, stop hair loss in early stages, or recover a full head of hair after years of severe loss, we can help you!