NFL Player Testimonial – Laser Hair Therapy

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Ryan Pontbriand – Cleveland Browns

Ryan Pontbriand was the long snapper for the Cleveland Browns for 9 years.  He retired officially in 2013.  Ryan has also been using Laser Hair Therapy for about five years.  He used both the hooded in-office device during off season and the igrow and comb during the season.  Here is what he has to say about his experience with laser hair therapy.


“Anyone who has ever played football knows that constantly wearing a helmet is uncomfortable. And anyone who hasn’t, imagine an extreme case of hat hair compressed to the scalp awkwardly. An irritating annoyance bordering on pain. But for me, the decision to keep my helmet on for the majority of the game was easy. I didn’t want fans sitting behind and above me to see my balding crown, or as my teammates called it, my sunroof.

I can joke about it now because I had an opportunity to do something about it. I started laser therapy with the sole intent of stopping my hair loss and keeping what little hair I had left. In the beginning, creating a good habit took commitment and an investment of time for the future. Now, putting on my laser helmet three times a week is as natural as brushing my teeth. It’s just part of my routine. 

Over the last few years of laser therapy, I have not only stopped my hair loss but started to grow new hairs. Make no mistake; I’m no chinchilla back there, but to be less bald is totally worth twenty minutes 3 times a week. I’m grateful for this technology and look forward to the next laser advancements in hair recovery.”

Laser hair therapy is safe and effective.  For more information, please visit or call us at 713-838-1880.