New Year, New Hair Continued…

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Here are some fun, New Year’s Hair Resolutions to give yourself if you’re looking to spice up your lock-life…

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  1. Try that new color you’ve been wanting to try– Some of us are dying for a new hair color, others are considering a different cut and yet we’re too scared to act on it and actually make it happen!  Be braver this year and do what you feel is right.
  2. Restock when necessary– Throw away products with expired dates, pass along or swap the ones that are not doing it for you. Don’t wait for your brushes to fall apart before you decide to get a new one, and invest in some better quality brushes if need be! As for the products – either use them or pass them along but definitely ask for samples before you invest your hard earned cash in something you haven’t tried before.
  3. Spend a bit more– But only on the right products! If you love a certain product or you’ve managed to get some samples and decide that it is truly fabulous, don’t let the price stand in your way. You may end up spending the same amount purchasing cheaper products in hopes you’ll find a budget-friendly replacement.
  4. Deep Condition– Make a commitment to deep conditioning. It only takes a few minutes, but you’ll notice the difference and so will everyone else! There’s no time like the present to get started. A regular deep conditioning treatment will help lock in your hair’s moisture and keep it looking fabulous now and all year long. Talk to a hair loss specialist to find out what product would be best for you!
  5. Take care of your hair while you sleep– Some of us have experienced awful tangles in the inner layer of our hair the morning after a long nights’ rest. This year, resolve to use a silk or satin pillowcase, or sleep in a satin hair bonnet or hair wrap to keep your hair protected all night long. Not only will your hair look better when you wake up, it’ll prevent drying and tangling that cotton pillowcases often do. Loose braids are always an easy way to avoid tangling if you don’t have a satin pillowcase.
  6. Get new tools– Curling irons, flat irons and hot rollers aren’t designed to last forever. If you’ve had the same tools since high school, it may be time to toss them in the garbage and shop for new ones. This also means you can style your hair with less damage and your new ‘do might even come together more quickly and better looking than before. A good rule of thumb is to shop for new styling tools if you notice a smell emanating from the current ones or if you simply can’t remember how long you’ve had them.

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