National Cancer Survivor Month

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survivorIn America, 14 million people are survivors of cancer, but the burden of the disease carries on after the final treatment is administered. Issues facing cancer survivors include the physical effects of treatment, the emotional scars that remain and the fear of recurrence.  If you had to undergo chemotherapy or other treatments and lost your hair, we are here to help!



The Most Natural Looking Solution Available

For patients recently diagnosed or currently undergoing chemotherapy and dealing with hair loss, our customized, human-hair systems are currently the most natural looking solution available. A medical hair prostheses or a medical hair “system” is prescribed to meet the patients’ individual hair needs. This solution allows us to completely re-create the hair style the patient had prior to hair loss.  They are handmade using the exact measurements of your scalp, so they fit like a glove. The base is light-weight, breathable, comfortable to wear and looks like a real scalp with natural hair growing from it. The systems can match the patients exact hair color, texture, length and even density. Since they are made with human hair – not synthetic – the patient can style it however they want: curl, straighten, or pull it up. After treatment is completed and the patient’s natural hair starts to grow back, we make modifications to the system so the patient can continue wearing the system and make a gradual change until they are comfortable without it.

We offer a 100% money back, appearance guarantee – no strings attached. When the patient initially meets with one of our hair loss specialists, we will also walk them through the process of how to find out if insurance coverage will apply.








The Road Back To Recovery…

For patients who have just finished treatments, I recommend our 3-Step Laser Therapy Treatment Program to stimulate the and jump-start the growth cycle. These treatments combined with our pharmaceutical grade products will help speed up the process of growing your hair back.

Your program will consist of the following components, varying in use depending on your individual needs and skin type.

-The first step in our process consists of scalp massage, which relaxes the scalp and allows blood to flow and circulate more effectively. This step lays the groundwork for future treatments, as it makes your scalp a more receptive environment for Laser Therapy and the application of our pharmaceutical-quality products.

-The next step utilizes one of the most technologically advanced cold lasers available: the Alpha Laser. The most powerful laser available for cosmetic purposes, the Alpha Laser is medically tested and approved for treating thinning and damaged hair.

-The final step in our process to stimulate hair growth is the application of pharmaceutical-quality products. These products were formulated to optimize the healing process by delivering the nutrients and vitamins necessary to maintain and optimize the work done by the Alpha Laser.








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