Medical & Chemotherapy Hair Loss

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Unfortunately, another cause of hair loss is cancer.  More specifically, the treatment of cancer with chemotherapy and radiation.  My heart goes out to those suffering from the effects of the complications of cancer and I’ve dedicated a great deal of my professional life doing what I can to help diminish the devastating effects.  For years I have been working with patients and donating time to children undergoing chemotherapy in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas.  With everything that goes into the cancer fight, hair loss is one thing that we can easily overcome.

Last October, our work with cancer patients was highlighted on local talk show Great Day Houston.  The video below has a lot of good information for those facing medical hair loss:

Below are some other frequently asked questions concerning the treatment of medical hair loss.  And – as always – if you have any more questions, please feel free to contact my team at 713-838-1880 or fill out our confidential consultation form at

Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the difference between a custom hair system and a wig?

The custom systems are 100% human hair, hand-made, light-weight and very breathable; while wigs are synthetic, heavy and bulky. The custom system is made specifically to fit your scalp, as opposed to a machine-made, stock wig that may be too tight or loose.

How do I start the process?

The patient comes in for a complimentary, personal consultation to go over the protocol. We will do a fitting to fill out the custom order form, to make sure their hair system is customized exactly to the patient’s natural hair. We match the patient’s color, texture and density to achieve the natural appearance.

What is the procedure like?

We have our own private rooms with male and female waiting rooms to make the patient very comfortable. We take the client back and style the system just like any other salon visit. We have experienced stylists who are licensed cosmetologists and friendly staff members to make the visit simple, easy and enjoyable.

Is it painful to take off?

It is not painful at all. We use a medical adhesive to hold the system in place which is very easy to take off and on.

Do I get to keep my hair underneath?

The custom hair system is designed to fit like a glove to give the most natural look. In order for it to fit properly the patient does have to forfeit any existing hair on the day of the actual procedure (if the natural hair has not already come out due to chemotherapy).

What about when my natural hair starts to grow back?

The hair system is versatile and designed to still be worn after treatment is completed and the patient’s natural hair starts to grow back. We make modifications to the system so that when the patients’hair does grow back they can continue wearing the system and make the change gradual.

How long does the system last?

Depending on how the system is taken care of, and the normal wear and tear of daily activity, they normally are designed to last one year.

How long does it take the hair system to come in after ordering?

Depending on the specific order, it generally takes 2 weeks for the order to come in. The sooner the patient comes in for the consultation to place the order, the better.

Are there any limits to my daily activities?

There are no limitations to your daily activity. The hair system becomes a part of you, and you will be able to live your life as if it was your natural hair. You can swim, work out, etc.

How long does the system stay on(days, weeks, etc.)?

We have different strengths of medical adhesives that range from a 24-hour day to a full two weeks. Depending on the patient’s preference we will determine how long the system will stay on.

Do I come to your office to get my hair done or can I go somewhere else?

Your custom hair system comes with 17 service visits. We are available to do shampoo/styles, coloring, up-dos, etc. whenever needed. The patient is more than welcome to go see their own personal stylist as well. *If a patient chooses to have service done elsewhere we are not liable for any damages to the system that took place outside of our salon.

Does my insurance cover it?

Majority of the time insurance will cover all/most/or part of the balance, and we show the patient how to find out.

***We offer a 100% Appearance Guarantee. Meaning if the patient is not 100% satisfied with the appearance of the system we will give them a full refund – no strings attached.

While patients are undergoing chemotherapy, the last thing they need to worry about is hair loss.  Our mission is to help them look normal while they are undergoing treatment, and work with them on their way back to recovery.

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