Leah Hamilton Laser Hair Therapy and Mediceutical® Client

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I am not a natural blonde and I have been bleaching my hair for over a decade. Unfortunately I didn’t know how much damage I was causing my hair until I started to work at a hair restoration company almost 4 years ago. By that time, my hair wouldn’t grow in length, the ends were fried; my already-fine textured hair had no body or shine and looked completely lifeless. My sides were getting thinner and thinner, and when I pulled my hair up in a ponytail, I started to see scalp.

After realizing all this, I started to try different products and methods that were supposed to help repair damaged hair and stimulate new growth. Working here, I was able to try MANY different shampoos and conditioners – some helped temporarily but I never noticed any major improvements. I also was taking a high-dose of biotin on a regular basis and was getting my ends trimmed regularly – I was doing everything you are “supposed” to do – but still no major improvements.

Recently, we got a new product line in. These shampoos and conditioners were different than ALL the others because they were formulated for certain scalp conditions (oily, dry, etc.) I was trained on these products, and learned that in order to have healthy hair, you have to have a healthy SCALP. It was like a light-bulb went off! It made perfect sense! So about three months, I decided to put myself on one of our laser hair therapy programs that included using the Mediceutical ® products (shampoo, conditioner, and vitamins.)

I started doing laser treatments twice a week and I have been religious at taking my vitamins and using the products consistently. It’s only been three months – but I have already noticed a HUGE improvement. And my hair is finally starting to grow! My ends are looking healthier and my little “stragglers” (as I called them) are finally starting to grow into healthy looking strands of hair. I also have little baby hairs on my sides that weren’t there before – my ponytail already looks 100% better  and it’s thicker. My co-workers have been commenting on my hair too – that it looks shinier, fuller, and actually has some body now! It just looks healthier – overall.

I am very passionate about this and I’m excited that I can now say to new clients “this has actually worked for me!” I am so thankful that my profession has allowed me to utilize a program that gave me a solution to personal problem. And the results are only going to get better and better. Leah Hamilton – Laser Hair Therapy and Mediceutical® Client