Laser Therapy Testimonial

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This week I thought I would share a testimonial from one of our laser clients….

“I first noticed my hairline starting to recede when I was about 21 years old, soon after that I gradually watched my hair get thinner and thinner on the top and crown area. It seemed the older I got the more scalp I saw – and less hair coming in. Hair loss has been in my family for generations, on both sides, so I figured I didn’t really have much of a chance. It was constantly on my mind and I knew the situation was getting worse, but I didn’t have the time to research all the different products and solutions that were available. To be honest, I didn’t really know where to start.

I got engaged to my fiancé last August of 2013 when I was 25 years old. While she loves me unconditionally, she knew how I felt about my hair and she wanted me to look into finding a solution before our wedding day in October of 2014. She offered to help me do it, so we got online and did some research and that’s how we found TM Hair…chadunderlaser

I first came to Tom Magliaro’s Hair Restoration Clinic about month after our engagement in September of 2013. The main reason we went there first was because of the free consultation and scalp analysis, some other places charged a consult fee. Right off the bat I was blown away by the service, the girls up front were super friendly and made me feel really comfortable, and I was impressed by the separate male and female waiting rooms. They took me back to a private room where I met with the consultant, Leah. She was so helpful and we went over all the options available at their treatment center. She seemed genuine in wanting to help me, she wasn’t pushy and never once did I feel pressured to buy anything. After looking at my scalp and going over my specific situation and stage of hair loss, I decided to go with one of their laser hair therapy programs.

My program included laser treatments at the clinic and Mediceutical® products to take home and use. They have different products based on different scalp and skin conditions and my skin happens to be really oily, so the products I use help control that (I didn’t know most men who have genetic hair loss have over-productive oil glands). For the laser treatments, I started off going into the office twice a week and sitting under a hooded machine for 30 minutes, and once a week I would get a scalp treatment before sitting under the laser. The scalp treatments are probably my favorite; the first time I had one done I noticed an immediate difference in how my scalp felt. They start off using a high frequency apparatus (it looks like a wand of some sort) that really stimulates the blood flow. Then they massage my scalp and shampoo it with the Mediceutical® products, which are super relaxing and feels great, sometimes I even fall asleep! After doing this for only about two months I started noticing baby hairs coming in.

Now, after being on their laser program for a year, my hair has never looked better. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look like David Beckham, but my hair is much thicker, you can see less scalp, and I even re-grew some of the hair I lost. I couldn’t be happier with the results and I would 100% recommend Tom Magliaro’s to anyone who’s concerned about their hair loss. My fiancé is just as happy as I am, and I’m so happy to say I can feel confident with how I look the day of our wedding.”

-Chad Schwartz

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