Laser Hair Therapy – iGrow in-home hair loss therapy system

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Take a look this news story concerning the iGrow Laser Therapy product for overcoming hair loss.

iGrow Laser Reviews: Live TV Before & After

What does laser hair therapy do?

  • Arrests the progression of hair loss – stops the situation from getting worse.
  • Thickens and plumps each individual strand of hair by 35% – creating coverage to thinning, balding or receding areas.
  • Stimulates the follicle to promote re-growth to the areas that have lost hair.
  • Treats damaged hair – restores the original health and luster that strands had prior to any damage.
  • Promotes healthier hair in general and prevents future damage –  treatments create shine, more style manageability and even helps retain color longer





The key to laser therapy is to begin treatment as soon as possible.  If you are male or female and beginning to notice thinning, receding and bald patches, don’t waste any more time.  Begin laser treatment as soon as possible.  Besides the iGrow – there are several options for this very effective therapy option.  Here are a few links for more information or to take the next step:

Laser Therapy Options:

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Or you can call us at 713-838-1880 to discuss an option best suited for you.