Lance Zierlein and Sportstalk 790 talk Laser Therapy at Tom Magliaro’s

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Lance Zierlein hosts one of the most popular morning sports talk shows in Houston – The Proper Gentlemen of Sports – on KMBE 790 AM. He comes from a football family, and as a fantasy football writer and NFL Draft expert, Zierlein has one of the most unique perspectives of anyone in the football business. Most people in Houston have known Zierlein since 1997 when he began co-hosting what became the most popular and longest lasting sports talk show in the market.




Listen to Lance talk about Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) as a solution for men AND women experiencing hair loss at any stage…



Low Level Laser Therapy will:

1. Arrest the progression of hair loss – stop the situation from getting worse.

2. Thicken each existing, individual strand of hair by 35-45% – creating coverage for thin or balding areas.

3. Stimulate the follicles and jump-start the growth cycle – promoting re-growth in the areas that have lost hair.

*New growth is typically seen for those in the earlier stages of hair loss

This technology is FDA Cleared — it works! Laser therapy creates the healthiest environment for hair to grow, and it’s the only non-surgical treatment that will give you thicker, fuller and healthier-looking hair.

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