How to Protect Against Winter Hair Loss

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The cold weather is officially here… and if you have thinning hair, it is very important to take extra steps to protect it during the colder months.


Here are 7 tips to protect against winter hair loss:
  • Keep your hair trimmed- the drying effects of indoor heating can lead to split ends, which quickly move up the hair shaft and lead to further damage and frizz. A quick trim every 6 weeks or so should keep the hair in good condition.
  • Stay hydrated. Indoor heating also dries out your scalp – and we all know that a healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair.
  • Protect your hair when out and about with a nice hat or headscarf. Icy, bitter winds have a horribly drying effect on your strands.
  • Moisturize your hair thoroughly with a deep conditioner. Oil treatments can be beneficial depending on your hair texture and the product you use. If, however, your hair is exceptionally fine, give the oil treatments a miss as they may be too heavy and will leave your hair flat.
  • Follow up your conditioner with a “leave-in” spray – again, use a very light one if your hair is exceptionally thin.
  • Use a hairbrush made with natural bristles, which should reduce static in your hair – a common problem once removing a hat or scarf!
  • As always, avoid blow drying as much as you can! Of course, sitting around with wet hair is uncomfortable when temperatures are low, but you can at least minimize drying time by spending a few extra minutes towel drying your hair thoroughly before using heat. And avoid high settings on your heating styling tools – as much as possible.

These tips are good year-round but it’s important to give your locks extra TLC during winter months!!!


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