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Get to the ROOT of the problem…

Most people know it’s normal to lose between 50-100 hairs a day… but what happens when your shedding exceeds these numbers and your hair loss becomes more consistent? Men begin to see bald spots or receding hair lines. Women experience thinning throughout their entire scalp. And both worry and wonder why it’s happening –  and more importantly how to correct it.

Many factors can lead to or cause hair loss – hair loss can be hereditary, hormonal, or caused by medications. Perhaps you have a skin or thyroid disease. Maybe it’s just stress. While some causes are temporary and others are permanent, there ARE solutions for each type. A hair and scalp analysis performed by a reputable hair restoration clinic will help you decide on the best hair replacement options for you.

My clinic offers a free hair and scalp analysis during your consultation  –  I don’t know any other places in Houston that will do this complimentary. Diagnosing the hair and scalp allows us to assess and recommend what type of hair restoration options would be best for you. We focus not only on the overall look you are trying to achieve, but also on the long term health of your hair. Our hair analysis expert will provide you with the best solution for your specific type of hair loss – since each individual situation is different from the next…

 If your hair loss is always on your mind, effecting your daily lifestyle or if you’re simply not happy with your hair – call today to schedule a complimentary consultation. After all – it’s you’re life, you’re hair.

To schedule a scalp and hair analysis or for more information, visit www.tmhair.com.