Easy Tips to Protect Your Hair From the Summer Sun

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200013869-001We talk about this every time the seasons change – because when the seasons change the health of our hair can change too. Over exposure to the sun’s UV rays is one of the most harmful effects of the hot and humid summer months. Here are some easy tips to help protect your hair during this pool season…


-First things first: If your hair is already a bit fried, go to a professional stylist and have all the split-ends cut or at least trimmed.  If they are badly broken, no product will reseal them completely anyway.  After the trim, start over using moisturizing and protective products. Once a week give parched strands a jump start with a moisturizing, protein hair mask (I like our Welker rePHreshed Fortified Protein Conditioner, www.welkerrephreshed.com ).

-Next, maintain the new health of your hair (even under a beating sun) by using effective products. Shampoos and conditioners are the building blocks of great hair – and in order to have a great head of hair, you have to have a healthy scalp (especially during the summer!)

While you search for these products, remember to check out a few things first:

  1. Scalp type – oily, dry, dandruff, itchy, combination or any other medical condition.
  2. Hair type – straight, curly, wavy, colored, treated, permed, straightened or any other.

If you can – get a professional scalp and hair diagnosis. We offer them complimentary at my clinic, all it takes is about 15 minutes to meet with a hair and scalp consultant to point you in the right direction of which products to use and why.

Once you know your scalp and hair type, use a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated for your specific condition and also will protect your hair against environmental aggressors like sun, wind, and pollution (which can worsen in the summer months).  Also look for rich moisturizers like jojoba on the ingredient list; these will leave hair soft and silky.

In general, it’s best to steer clear of sudsy shampoos  that contain sulfur, as these strip color and wash away natural, hydrating oils. Instead use a detergent-free shampoo, which is more gentle on hair (look for “sulfate-free” on the bottle).

-Finally, spritz a leave-in conditioner through damp strands for another burst of hydration and UV protection. Spray types are best because they aren’t greasy and won’t weigh hair down. Both our Welker rePHreshed leave-in conditioners contain a natural UVA and UVB filter that shields hair against sun damage and gives it shine – www.welkerrephreshed.com.

-Once you’re outside, keep strands from super windy conditions that can cause split ends – one way to do this by pulling hair back into a gentle bun. As long as it’s not  pulled back too tightly, it’s better to keep your hair in place.

-Remember, when it comes to the pool – DO NOT shampoo before you go for a swim, as this will rob your hair of all protective oils and will make it extra vulnerable to the chemicals and salt in the water.


For more information, visit www.tmhair.com.