Deborah Duncan and Great Day Houston Talk Thinning Hair

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This morning I had the pleasure of guest speaking on Great Day Houston with Deborah Duncan. The topic for today was the causes and solutions to hair loss or thinning hair. I brought one of our laser clients, former NFL Cleveland Brown long snapper Ryan Pontbriand, to tell his hair loss story as well.

We discussed all of our hair loss solutions, including our customized human-hair grafts that I wear on daily basis and I treat like my own hair growing from my scalp (shower, swim, exercise etc.) But the main focus was on our Low Level Laser and 3-Step programs, since these programs are individually created based on the specific situation…..

3-Step Program: Your program will consist of the following components, varying in use depending on your needs…

FDA Cleared Scalp Treatments – The first step in our process consists of a scalp massage, which relaxes the scalp and allows blood to flow and circulate more effectively. This step lays the groundwork for future treatments, as it makes your scalp a more receptive environment for Laser Therapy and the application of our pharmaceutical-quality products.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Treatments – The next step utilizes one of the most technologically advanced cold lasers available; the Alpha Laser is medically tested and approved for stopping the progression of hair loss, treating thinning and damaged hair, as well as stimulating new growth for patients in the earlier stages of hair loss. We offer in house treatments where clients come in 2-3 times a week but we also offer the only FDA cleared take-home devices for those who can’t make it to the office on a weekly basis.

Using Mediceutical®  Products at Home – The final step is the application of pharmaceutical-quality products on a regular basis at home. These products were formulated to optimize the healing process by delivering the nutrients and vitamins necessary to maintain and optimize the work done by the Alpha Laser. The product line, Mediceuticals®, offers products that treat and control different stages of hair loss, common scalp and skin disorders and damaged hair of any kind. Mediceuticals® give an effective range of products that help to bring and keep the hair and scalp in optimal condition and nourish the scalp to encourage stronger, thicker, faster-growing hair.

Remember, every case is unique. Because of that we offer complimentary consultations at our clinic that include a scalp and hair diagnosis. This allows us to create a customized Treatment Program based on the individuals’ needs.

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