Connection Between Vitamin D and Hair Loss

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vitamindbodypicVitamin D is a vital nutrient for human health and plays roles in bone health and the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other conditions. When deficient, vitamin D can contribute to a number of health issues; among these is the potential for hair loss.

Here are some facts about vitamin D and hair loss…

A recent study held at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, found that vitamin D supplementation stimulated hair growth. The research was conducted with subjects that could not grow hair under normal circumstances.

  • There are also clinical studies that prove there is a connection between vitamin D and the quality of hair. Its deficiency can cause change in hair color, hair thinning and hair loss in both men and women.

  • In today’s society, most people spend their time indoors which allows for little sun exposure. Because vitamin D is synthesized in the skin through the exposure of UV rays, a surprisingly high percentage of the population have vitamin D deficiencies or low levels of vitamin D in their bodies.

  • Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium in the body, which is essential for healthy follicles and healthy hair. Therefor calcium deficiencies or having a low calcium level can also lead to shedding or thinning hair.

  • Vitamin D contains Omega 3 fatty acids which help keep the scalp free of infections. Omega 3 also helps maintain proper circulation of nutrients which is important for hair growth.

  • Giving your body the right amount of nutritional support helps encourage the development of stronger hair cells and the production of healthier hair growth.

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