Breast Cancer Awarenes Month Cont.

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Medical Hair Loss Options – Covered By Insurance

From family members and close friends to neighbors and acquaintances -everyone knows someone whose life has been touched by cancer.

After a diagnosis, the lists of necessities that require financial attention are endless. Patients are already under emotional strain, and may be unaware that some of their needs, aside from medical help, may be covered by insurance.  When chemotherapy is the prescribed treatment for the diagnosis, a common side-effect is total hair loss for the patient.  Though, often temporary, this adds enormous stress to thepatient’s psyche. Typically, the only option a patient considers for this is an uncomfortable, heavy, hot synthetic wig, which neither looks nor feels natural…



TMHair now offers an advanced hair replacement solution for those patients recently diagnosed that not only looks and feels totally natural – but can be covered by medical insurance.     

We can re-create the hair style the patient had prior to chemo treatments; from matching the color, density and even texture of the strands. The prosthesis is customized and made to fit the prescription of each patient’s unique scalp. Unlike a synthetic wig off the shelf, it is hand-made with real, human hair and treated like the natural hair that was lost. The patient can shower, wash and style the hair as if it were their own – they can even go swimming or go to the gym.

During a free, private consultation, an onsite consultant will show the patient how to find out what their insurance provider will cover as it varies per individual policy. 

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