Secrets for Healthy, Shiny Hair

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healthy shiny hairWhat does healthy hair look like?

People like to see shiny hair with bounce and movement. If your hair is dull and lackluster, it doesn’t look as inviting.

Misconceptions about what damages hair and what keeps it healthy:

Many people think that not washing their hair as often is good for the health of their hair. However – this is far from the truth. Especially if  the person is dealing with hair loss. Common scalp conditions are the primary cause of unhealthy hair growth and it’s unattractive appearance.  Unhealthy scalp conditioners are also a major contributor to thinning hair and hair loss.

Start at the scalp:

The scalp is an extension of our face – and our skin is a living organ that most people cleanse on a regular basis. Our scalp should be shampooed just as often. In order to have a healthy head of a hair – you have to have a healthy scalp.

Using the right products is a must:

Use products that don’t leave waxes, sulfites and oils behind. Those waxes and oils will weigh existing strands down, causing them to break off or fall out prematurely; as well as clog up the actual follicles on the scalp, effecting the health of new hair growth coming in.

You should also be using a shampoo and rinse that is best for your skin type. This will help control whatever scalp condition a person has (oily scalp, dry scalp, dandruff scalp, normal scalp, etc.) If someone has a dry scalp – they should be using a different shampoo than someone with dandruff.

How do you know what type of scalp you have?

See a professional! If you have been trying to improve the health of your hair, if you’re trying to get it to grow in length or repair damage, if you want thicker or fuller hair, and especially if you are dealing with hair loss – it is very important to be using the right shampoo and rinse for your skin type.

Most hair restoration clinics and dermatologists offer a hair and scalp analysis, usually for a price (sometimes up to $275.00). However our clinic offers free consultations which include a hair and scalp diagnosis at no extra charge.

With all the different products on the market now, it can be difficult and confusing to find the best product for your individual needs.  A specialist,  doctor or hair loss professional will only help guide you in your search.

Other helpful tips:

-If you use heat styling tools regularly, make sure your tools are state of the art. Use blow dryers that have shorter drying time and styling tools that let you control the settings and temperature. Ceramic, ionic, of infrared tools are better when it comes to styling tools. *If you don’t HAVE to use heat to style your hair – then don’t. And give your hair a break from the heat from time to time.

-On the days you don’t shampoo – use a light, leave-in conditioning spray. It’s an easy way to freshen up hair without washing it – and it detangles, adds shine, and will help protect the hair. One of my favorite leave-in conditioners is the Energize – by Welker rePHreshed. It’s light weight and still protects. Visit for more information on Energize Leave-In Conditioner.


-Don’t overload on styling products.   More products used for styling means more build-up  on the hair and scalp.


For more information on healthy hair or hair loss, visit, or call 713-838-1880 to schedule a free consultation and scalp and hair analysis.