TMHair Thanks Methodist Sugar Land Cancer Center

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methodist cancer tour 2015TMHair wants to thank Houston Methodist Sugar Land hospital for the amazing tour of their cancer center. The tour featured their new radiation therapy system; a machine which integrates some of the most advanced technologies available for cancer treatment today. We are so happy to work with such amazing people and be able to inform both doctors and patients about what we do and how we are here to help. We, at TM Hair also enjoy donating our time and services to patients at Texas Children’s Hospital, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Methodist Hospital, St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, and other various doctors, clinics, and hospitals throughout the Houston area.









If you have been recently diagnosed with cancer and are about to undergo chemotherapy or other treatments, the chance of hair loss is very real. Hair loss is one of the most feared side effects of chemotherapy after a patient has been diagnosed.

 What TMHair can offer..

Custom Medical Hair Prosthesis

This is currently the most natural looking solution available. Much like a non-surgical hair system, medical hair prostheses or a medical hair “system” is prescribed to meet the patients’ individual hair needs. The custom system can completely re-create the hair style the patient had prior to hair loss.

Discuss with your cancer care team about hair loss and other side effects of treatment before the treatment begins. The best way for you to deal with impending hair loss is to plan ahead. The “planning” is where we come in. In a complimentary, private consultation, our hair loss specialist will walk you through the process and help you find out if the cost is covered by your insurance provider. The good news is there are options…and we are here to help.





Visit out website at for more information on medical hair loss and call our offict at 713-838-1880 to book your complimentary consultation today!