Men’s Hair Loss Solution – Chris

Chris has been a client for over 17 years. Hear his in-depth testimonial about the process of having his hair restored, the benefits he feels he has received and how it’s effected his life.

Genetic Hair Loss Solution for Men – Doug

Doug has been a client for over 25 years. He came to TMHair in search of a non-surgical hair loss solution. Hear Doug talk about how this solution worked for him, and how it has no effect on his active … Read More

The Evolution of The Hair System
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“Nothing like your grandfather’s toupee”   Non-surgical hair replacement or hair pieces have been around for hundreds of years. Our first president, George Washington, even wore a wig! Eventually the white powder wigs faded out, and it wasn’t until the 1950’s … Read More

Happy July 4th!!!!

Happy Independence Day from all of us at TMHair!!!