More about Non-Surgical Solutions for Women
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For most women, hair is much more than a physical attribute – it’s a part of who you are. We offer women the most natural looking solutions for all types of hair loss, from site specific solutions for thinnning hair … Read More

Non-Surgical vs. Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

We’ve been talking a lot lately about our advanced surgical solutions for hair loss, but we don’t want to forget about what brought this company into fruition in the first place… non-surgical hair restoration. Our non-surgical procedure is a safe … Read More

Beard Hair Transplantation

Like we’ve mentioned before, our surgeon, Dr. Daniel McGrath, performs many state-of-the-art hair restoration procedures. Here is YET ANOTHER procedure he can provide to men who are not happy with the appearance of their facial hair…   Jeremy is 41 years old. All his adult … Read More