Laser Therapy Testimonial

This week I thought I would share a testimonial from one of our laser clients…. “I first noticed my hairline starting to recede when I was about 21 years old, soon after that I gradually watched my hair get thinner … Read More

Deborah Duncan and Great Day Houston Talk Thinning Hair

      This morning I had the pleasure of guest speaking on Great Day Houston with Deborah Duncan. The topic for today was the causes and solutions to hair loss or thinning hair. I brought one of our laser … Read More

“Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” Brendan Fitzpatrick Seeks Treatment for Hair Loss

Celebrities Struggle With Hair Loss Reality TV is a guilty pleasure for many people – partly because it’s a way for us to relate to characters experiencing similar problems or situations going on in our own lives. This passed week on E! Entertainment’s “Rich … Read More

Houston Chronicle Features Tom Magliaro
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I was so very flattered when the Houston Chronicle called me up and asked if they could interview me for a feature in the section of the paper called – “Faces in the Crowd.” Each week someone is profiled who makes a … Read More