10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Balding and Hair Loss

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bald_2526587bThere are many myths about the causes of hair loss in men. Here are a few facts that may be helpful…

1.) Baldness is not caused by wearing ball caps, hats, helmets or any similar apparel.
2.) There is no link between hair loss and a man’s fertility or virility.
3.) If you are balding shaving your hair off will not help grow it back thicker.
4.) It is true that some men can start balding as early as their late teens.
5.) Estrogen is what usually helps women from experiencing complete baldness like men, although women do suffer greatly from hair thinning and loss.
6.) Balding tends to spread quickly, so you must seek professional help early if you want to do anything about it.
7.) There are many causes for baldness and hair loss including genetics, environmental exposures, menopause, stress, hormonal changes, smoking, certain medications and iron deficiency.
8.) True baldness effects only men, women can suffer from allover thinning and loss but their hairline does not recede dramatically like a mans.
9.) Everyone’s hair is different so hair loss and treatments will be different from person to person.
10.) A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can help save your hair.

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